Dear Sir,
I admit I was getting a little worried about Ray Fleming. I had been on the Island three whole weeks and, Mr Fleming had not said one bad word about Israel or the Israelis.
 I was even thinking he may have undergone some kind of a Damascene conversion, realising after 15 years of spouting nothing but Arab propaganda, which he should have known was as far away from the actual truth as ISIS is from peace and love, that Israel is the wronged party, not the so-called ‘Palestinians’.  
But his Sunday page (MDB June 28th) proved nothing had changed. He was still spouting Arab propaganda nonsense; still blindly ignoring facts; still defying international law.
To refute every lie Fleming claimed as fact, I would need as much space as he had. So to keep this letter as short as I can:
As to peace talks.  Mahmoud Abbas has made them conditional on Israel agreeing to all his demands before talks can begin, thus turning the talks into an irrelevance.
The Gaza affair. It would take an entire double page explaining what and why Israel took the actions it did. But suffice it to say, three Generals – including a British one - who were present during the entire campaign are on the public record as saying that no military force in all history was as protective of its enemies’ civilian population as were the Israelis.
They even went do far as to say that confronted with the same problems, they would not have been so considerate.  The Israeli military sent over 10,000 emails and faxes to homes about to be attacked because they were being used as storage for rockets and/or their basements were used as entrances to the 50-odd tunnels Hamas had built leading into the very heart of Israel.
They even went so far as to drop dummy bombs warning the residents of an impending attack to give them ample time to get clear before dropping their high explosives.
They also dropped 100,000 pamphlets warning the Gazans which areas were to be attacked.  Israeli hospitals were made available to treat injured Gazan children.
 They were even allowing food convoys  to pass though their checkpoints into Gaza.
Very briefly as to the legalities of Palestinian claims: Article 80 of the formative documents of the UN created on February 16th 1945 in San Francisco,  says very clearly that the UN will have no authority to alter or overturn international agreements previously ratified by the League of Nations.
On August 12th 1922, the League ratified the San Remo international agreement which accorded virtually all of biblical Israel on both sides of the river Jordan to the Jewish people as their national home.
The resident Arabs were accorded no governmental rights whatsoever. Britain broke its agreement with the League by annexing 77% of this now Jewish land (the province of Gilead) to create Trans- Jordan, heavily criticized by the League and not recognized internationally for three years. But because of the immutability of the San Remo international agreement, Jordan lies within the legal borders of Jewish Palestine (now known as Israel).
Thus the ‘Two State Solution’ already exists in international law.
So go on dreaming your nonsense Mr Fleming. More and more people horrified at the activities of ISIS, Boko Harum and al Kaida, the 100 public beheadings in Saudi Arabia since Jan 1st,  are becoming ever more aware that Israel is the only democratic, freedom-loving state in the entire area.
David Lee