Dear Sir,
 How your correspondent Mrs Elena Davis can equate the loss of life to being right or wrong in a war, baffles me.   The USA, not to mention the UK, lost far fewer lives during WWII than Germany.  Will history, therefore, judge us to be the oppressors ?
Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow

Dear Sir,
 So private tourist rentals are going to be “regulated”. Will these be the same regulators that have “cracked down” on employees working full time on part - time contacts, - the gangs of muggers that we still see in Magalluf, the dress code of tourists away from beach areas and the blatant freeing of dogs from their leads in public parks.  If so, a Regulator’s job seems an easy number to me.


Dear Sir,
More talk of the authorities planning to regulate something. I would like to know when they are going to regulate the issuing of the photo residence ID cards that were promised when Spain joined the EU all those years ago.
Sant Elm

Dear Sir,
Regarding Mathew Demetri’s letter written in reply to my letter of 4 July , I have heard his argument many times before . Strangely, even when I have met those of his persuasion and proved to them the true position   – to which they agree – a week later I find them back to spouting the same emotional, vaporous  nonsense.
It was the Nazi propaganda chief, Josef Goebbels who said “If you tell a big lie loudly enough and for long enough, you can create a fact”.
In his book Hatred’s Kingdom, Dr Dore Gold noted the US$11 billion per annum the Saudi’s were sharing out among many top PR organisations in order to plant  not one  but many   ‘created facts’.
Allow me to expose some of  them.
Created fact (1). The Palestinian claim to ‘The West Bank’.  Actually, there is no ‘West Bank’. There is only Judea and Samaria, two integral provinces  of the Jewish state factually, legally and biblically.
The words ‘West Bank’ were created by the Arab League as part of their attempt to land grab them by trying to remove any association of these two  provinces with their long Jewish history.
Created fact (2).”Israel is refusing to hold talks with the PLA”.
 In truth it is not Israel refusing to talk with the PLA leader, Mahmoud Abbas; rather the other way round. Abbas refuses to recognise Israel as a Jewish state and the national homeland of the Jewish people.
 Until he is prepared to accept this simple fact, there can be no basis for talks.
Created fact (3) “Abbas and the PLA have the full support of the Palestinian Arabs”.
 All worthwhile opinion polls plus other expert Western opinion indicates that Abbas is a puppet leader kept there by the USA, because Hamas, the people’s real choice, is dedicated to the total destruction of Israel, and refuses  to speak with the Israeli government under any circumstances.
Created fact (4)  The Palestinians have lived in the area for centuries, and now the Israelis have stolen their land.
 This is rubbish. Both Mark Twain in his book The Innocents Abroad and in the reports of the great British cartographer. H. Penrhyn Stanley, both of whom were in the area in the  1860’s were identical in their description of the area as a barren,  unoccupied desert.
 There were some Arabs in Jerusalem but they were heavily outnumbered by the Jewish population  It was only after the first Jewish ‘aliyah’ to the area that impoverished Arabs came from what is now Iraq begging the Jews for work.
I could go on about The San Remo Agreement,  or that Muslim chat show, otherwise known as the UN, who condemn Israel for defending itself but are silent over Boko Haram kidnapping and murdering children; ISIS forcing 14 year-olds to hack off the heads of captured Syrian soldiers, and the killings in Paris etc, but I think you get the point Mr Demetri.  

David Lee