Dear Sir,

I write in support of Mathew Demetri’s view (Letter to the Editor 30 July 2015) that "western powers should withdraw unconditional support for Israel."

Islamic terrorism, which is likely to intrude on our lives more and more in the coming years, could be almost eliminated if only the West, Turkey and non-Sunni Arab nations could join together in some sort of grand coalition. This will not happen because the populations of many, if not most Arab nations will not allow their leaders to align themselves with the West (even though they are the ones who are suffering the most) until "a just and rightful outcome" is achieved for the Palestinians.

Russia, a country which has also suffered from Islamic fanaticism, Iran and even Syria could be part of this coalition if we could agree that the enemy of our enemy should be our ally.

Putin, Assad and the leaders of Iran are surely people we could do business with, in a way that we could never contemplate attempting with the murderous fanatics whose unspeakable crimes are reported with increasing regularity in our news media.

If we were able to work with Stalin to defeat the Nazis, we should be able to work with other unpleasant tyrants in order that our children can live in a world without ISIS, al Shabaab, Boko Haram and other violent groups who hope eventually to see their black flag flying over Washington, Westminster and other world capitals.

Yours faithfully,
George Tunnell


Dear Sir,

What a breath of fresh air to read the words from Laura Camargo of the Podemos party in the DB Thursday. She says it as it is, the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation’s interests are only for themselves. Laying staff off to fend for themselves in the winter, investing their profits outside of Spain, and constantly complaining about the private sector as if it were illegal. Hoteliers do not have a monopoly on tourism, - any more than taxi drivers do on transport. These attitudes have no place in the future of the economy of Mallorca in a Democracy.

Palma Nova


Dear Sir,

Once again Mathew Demetri bangs on about ‘Palestinian Rights’ and Israel’s treatment of the Gazan population. What about Israel’s rights, morally, biblically and legally?

Palestine was created in 1922 by the League of Nations for one reason only: to be the national homeland of the Jewish people. Britain was required in its trusteeship agreement with the League (among other things), to help the new Jewish leaders create a stable, responsible, government, and to do all within its powers to encourage Jewish immigration to this newly reformed Jewish biblical homeland.

Instead, Britain annexed 77% of this now Jewish land (the entire province of Gilead), to create the illegal state of Trans-Jordan (now Jordan).

Interestingly, Britain’s literal theft of this great lump of Palestine created no howls of protest from the local Palestinians, no demands for the return of ‘The West Bank’ now occupied by this alien country of Jordan. Why do you think this was so Mr Dimitri?

And as to Britain’s legal requirement to encourage Jews to return to their biblical homeland, they did the exact opposite, banning all Jews from returning, even going so far as to interdict boats trying to get holocaust victims to their promised land and in some cases actually returning them to Auswitsch concentration camp!

Who can forget British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin’s chilling words on the subject of Jewish return to their biblical homeland: "It is a pity we didn’t let Hitler finish the job before winning the war"

But, regardless of Britain’s treachery, ratified international law is immanent and immutable.

Jordan is thus sited within the boundaries of legally Jewish Palestine. Further, over 40% of it is still barren unoccupied desert.

With American equipment, Arab money, Jewish know how and utilizing the millions of unemployed Arabs in the area, this huge part of Palestine could be turned into a Palestinian land of milk and honey within ten years, leaving Israel to keep Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) under its control as international law demands. As to Gaza: Israel has never fired at the Gazan people. They have only fired back!

David Lee