Dear Sir,
Most of my working life has been for foreign companies outside the UK so my basic British pension was going to be correspondingly small. I topped mine up voluntarily each year to achieve today’s basic rate. It was my best investment ever – property, shares, fine wine whatever. For an annual payment of £350 my pension increased to £115/week. By the time I hit 68 (67.6 to be accurate), I moved into profit so now at 74 I’ve had over six years of this windfall. Any readers with a similar working history and not yet retired should definitely check this route out. When I heard of a new top-up scheme I was obviously very interested. As of April 2016 the Government is introducing a £25/week increase which for people at 65 needs them to invest some £22,000. This is profitable after 17.6 years, i.e. if they live past 83. I went online and for me the corresponding figures are £17,000 and 13.3 years, so I have to hang on to 88. As my “internet” life expectancy is 89, I’m not going ahead this time. Again any readers now retired should check this route out, although I doubt its value.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Dear Sir,
I have commented a number of times re dirty beaches, streets and dog poo in Puerto Pollensa. I have just returned from a short trip to the Caribbean and the beaches etc were immaculate. Do you know why? The locals take great pride in their islands.
Puerto Pollensa

Dear Sir,
Everybody is knocking the new ecotax, but with the announcement of the new tariffs today it is clear that already it is going to work because, according to the tariffs, the high season starts on 1 April so the Government is extending the season by 6-7 weeks already. Hang on, there’s something about that date that’s a bit suspicious!
Ian Morrison
Porto Colom