Dear Sir,
Regarding your Viewpoint in today’s paper, I am rather disappointed that you decide that you should be supporting UK restaurants not your local ones that are here on the island. UK restaurants are good and bad as here. You quote David Munoz. I’m sure the majority of readers could only dream of eating in his establishment with his prices.

I would also point out that your food critic's top one hundred restaurants in Majorca are all in Palma so obviously not reflecting the many fabulous restaurants around the island. He should travel the island and it may well open his eyes to the fantastic range of food and good prices.

It’s an interesting fact that when many UK chefs visit this island to make programmes like Rick Stein they eat around the island and not in Palma and love the food they try.

Also I find your support for Frank Leavers comments unbelievable. I quote his words “gross overcharging of restaurant food on the island” that infers not a minority but generally all restaurants. Is it not time the Bulletin supports local business rather than always knocking it.
Brent “the Colonial”
Son Servera