In response to: “Calvia wants tourists to help keep the beaches clean”
Dear Sir,
Directly or indirectly, tourists will end up paying the new tourist tax even if hoteliers cough it up initially. “Welcome to Majorca where you are about to spend your hard-earned money here for two weeks - and by the way, here’s a shovel and bucket so you can clear the crap off the beach before you sit down.”
Steve Richies

Dear Sir,
All you have to do now is to stop the ships and boats from dumping rubbish and worse into the sea, from where a lot of the rubbish and unmentionables come from.
Sean Dobson

Dear Sir,
Totally  agree with Sean Dobson’s comment above. When I lived in Palmanova, every time the motor yachts left Portals Nous and anchored in Nova and Magalluf their party’s’ or orgy’s’ resulted in every conceivable digesting sex rubbish etc. which would be washed up on several bays and  beach areas. But, these people are filthy, and filthy rich! I complained to the local Police, Guardia and Council. But nothing is ever done to stop their debauchery on these ships. Money talks.
Stan Jessop

Dear Sir,
Why not! Most people would jump at the chance to do something like this whilst away! Advertise it correctly and you will never be short of volunteers. I always litter pick. The problem  is the councils are removing the bins off some beaches so there is nowhere to dump the litter If there are any planned activities for Colonia Sant Jordi, send me the details.

Dear Sir,
The Calvia Town Hall and the Hotel Association of Paguera and Cala Fornells urge tourists visiting  Paguera to actively participate in the reforestation of burned or degraded areas of the town, as well as the cleaning of its coastline and seabed.
So let’s get this right.  Not only  will we have to pay an eco tax, you want us to do the clean up without pay so Majorca gets extra holiday makers to pay more tax and so on? You must be mad.