In response to The Blog by Andrew Ede
Dear Sir,
We read the MDB regularly. The ‘Don’t mess with the Germans’ (11/3/16) article applies to us from the UK also. We have stayed in countless hotels in Cala Bona over 20 years. Regarding sewage, the stench this month (March 2016) has confirmed that there is a major problem here. We suspected it last year. I think that the sewage outfall between Cala Bona and Cala Millor is fractured and leaking into the horrific piles of seaweed on the ‘beach’. The seaweed and stench should have been sorted before the holiday season.... that you are trying to extend.

Well you’ve messed with the British too and were just as fussy as the Germans! So it’s bye bye ... the Levante, Alicia, Cala Bona, Atalon, Consul, Floriana hotels. it’s been good while it lasted.

Let us know when you’ve resolved the problem and we’ll be back......unless you don’t need us.
Best Regards and good luck to you all, including the authority. There’s a whole lot of s..t to clear up.
Richard and Janice Palfreyman
Leaving tomorrow morning.. and sadly happy to do so this time.

Dear Sir,
I am getting a bit fed up with all the criticism of the tourist tax which the regional government plans to introduce, especially when this criticism comes from foreign residents. Haven’t these people ever travelled in Europe or do they just commute between London and Palma? At least half of EU member states have some sort of visitors tax so why shouldn’t Majorca? When my wife and I travel to Brussels in June we will be paying 9.85€ city tax per night.

That’s a lot of money, which is used to make the Belgian capital an ever more attractive place for visitors. In the summer when I go for an early morning jog along the coast and back through the streets of Magalluf I wonder why my local taxes have to pay for the street cleaners to clear up the disgusting mess left by the visitors. Why shouldn’t these visitors contribute to the cost of removing the rubbish they (some of them) have deposited in our streets?
George Tunnell