Friday's Brexit debate
Dear Sir,
I read with interest and agree with your comments. However, did you realise that, as British citizens even though living abroad, we are, if applicable, subject to inheritance tax on worldwide assets? Because it is almost impossible to lose your country of domicile the Inland Revenue will make absolutely sure that they get a cut of your estate even though you are resident elsewhere in Europe including Spain.

So, on one hand you are forever liable for tax while on the other not allowed to vote on something as important as Brexit.
Hypocritical or what?

W. Griffiths

Tory minister resigns in Britain
Dear Sir,
The fuss engendered by the resignation of Ian Duncan Smith is out of all proportion to its real importance. Based on the chancellor’s budget statement last week, he intended to reduce some benefits from the huge amounts of money that are spent in Britain on welfare, which are some of the most generous in the world. The BBC in particular, has devoted great swathes of its news programmes to this story, over half of the 30 minutes allocated, with reporters at 10 Downing street, the Houses of Parliament, with comments, analysis, and pure speculation.

All for an item that most likely will be forgotten within a couple of weeks if not sooner. Truly, as Harold Wilson once commented: “A week is a long time in politics’’.

Yours Sincerely,
Phil Green
El Toro