Dear Sir,
I read your report about a conference of Remain supporters in Madrid. The CBI is not a private company organization but is funded by the EU and Government in the UK. Big businesses have never had it so good, as they can use the thousands of lobbyists in Brussels to change one rule in their favour by getting only one bureaucrat to agree with them and that applies to every country in the EU.

Brexit will happen in my view but will have limited effect on Spain. Why? Brits love Spain, love everything about Spain and always will. We came before we were in the EU and will continue to come after we leave. We will continue to buy houses and apartments and continue to underscore small businesses in tourist areas. What are the negatives?

The Spanish fishing industry will be a massive casualty as we revive our own. We do not fish in Spanish waters on a large scale and unfortunately Spanish boats will not fish in our waters in future at the scale currently. Our fishermen and communities have been wiped out, as you will know.

The top two selling cars in the UK for decades have been Fords. No Fords are produced in the UK. After Brexit Ford will have to open a factory or risk a meltdown. Particularly as labour relations drove Ford out of Britain and yet we now have three of the most efficient car plants in the world. Nissan in Sunderland is the most efficient plant in the whole world. That could affect Spain but create jobs in the UK.

The UK has a trade deficit with the EU of biblical proportions.  The EU cannot afford to introduce tariffs on our exports as a converse tariff would cripple Germany, France and Spain. No chance of that happening. The UK would love to trade with Spain but do not need Brussels to determine our laws. With closer integration planned do we have to drive on the right? No other mainland country does! I wouldn’t put it past the EU Commission, whoever they are.

London is one of three world financial service centres. It always will be and has been for many years. The majority of operators are not British but worldwide. They work on milliseconds on computer technology with an amazing skill base. Spain cannot compete and never will but that is no issue as you will always have access to the three centres open 24/7. Santander have made millions in the UK but that had nothing to do with the EU. It had to do with open markets and good management. Nothing to do with Brussels but all to do with open markets. That is what we thought we had joined. As an example, insisting in trade negotiations with Canada that they have to accept the EU Human Rights terms is ludicrous as part of a trade deal. Bonkers in fact.

Do not be frightened, Spain. We love you dearly but we will leave the EU as we want to be ruled by people we can kick out if they let us down. A fat chance of that in the EU. If you work for the EU you cannot use budget airlines on EU business. Says it all about profligate waste. Looks like France and Holland might join us later this year.

Vote leave and stay friends with Spain is certainly the UK sentiment.

Richard Taylor