Real Mallorca - WBA game

Dear Sir,
Having just returned home from tonight’s ‘friendly’ I feel disappointed to have to send you this letter. I am a home owner in Majorca and also a West Brom season ticket holder. I was delighted to watch two of my teams play each other.

I took my eleven-year-old son to the game: not a cheap night out, especially for a friendly, but the cost was not important, having a good time was.

At half time my son called over to the West Brom goal keeper, Ben Foster and he waved to him and kicked the ball to him. The delight on his face was priceless and as a father I was very happy, until what happened next.

The security guard and ballboy said we had to give it back. I explained that the player had given it to him, but the ballboy then came into the stands and got the police involved. I explained to the policeman and his English was very good and he understood. However, he said he couldn't help. The supervisor of the ballboy then got involved. At this point I even offered to pay for the ball. But no, I was told it was the property of Real Mallorca and I must give it back. We did and my son was very upset, to the point of crying.

I read recently that Real Mallorca want to get more fans, but I can assure you with this kind of customer service they will not. How much is a ball? How much could my son and I have spent with your club over the years? I am very disappointed.

Thanks and regards,

British expats

Dear Sir,
As a German I like Great Britain. I spend as much time as possible there. But now I am a bit confused.

You had a report: "British expats in Spain form association to fight for their rights".

As long as Great Britain is still in the EU, the people have all the rights all the other members have. When it has left the EU in future, they won’t have those rights any more. Please tell me, for what rights are they fighting?

By the way, have any of the Britons seen it this way already: in the past good times, Great Britain took every benefit from the EU it could get. Now, when it gets worse and every member is needed, GB says "thank you" and leaves.

From outside, I have the impression that Great Britain wants to leave the Union but keep all the benefits. I’m afraid this will not work.

Kindest regards,
Otto Thanner