Brexit et al
Dear Sir,
An excellent interview today (07/07) with British ambassador to Majorca, Paul Manley re Brexit. A welcome break from superficial regurgitation of fake news (the misquoted sayings of Michael Howard) and constant echoing the hysteria of “falling of the cliff merchants”. The recent words of Tory MP Andrea Leadsom come to mind. She called upon the BBC to be more patriotic when reporting Brexit (with reference to an interview with Emily Maitlis). Brexit cannot be discussed in terms of yes / no answers and sound bites - that is an insult to the intelligence of viewers. Also since when did industry CEOs need to negotiate with millions of observers constantly looking over their shoulders? So how about more grown up reporting from the MDB as per the recent MDB political interview with .....Spanish Politician ????.. , and MDB sister publication Ultima Hora’s excellent UK economic summary published on UK election day.

The Brexit aims of most parties (and indeed also for most EU countries) are very clear:-
- tariff free and hassle trade
- freedom to trade worldwide
- freedom to control immigration
- a total commitment to safeguard the position of EU workers already in the UK
- a commitment to secure the rights of UK workers / residents in EU.

My best wishes
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir,
Like many of your readers, one of my favourite childhood memories of the 70s was being mesmerised by the planes circling packed beaches towing advertising banners.

Ambre Solaire and Nivea were both pioneers of this advertising high in the Majorca sky. If memory serves, even The Bulletin took to the clouds!

Then came the era of the superclubs and foam parties and celebrity appearances, who all followed this trend.
This summer, there has been a noticeable absence of these planes on the skyline, which is a real shame.
I believe the aerial route is still a great way of getting in touch with a captive audience below.  The UK spends millions on an ever-increasing number of giant TV screens outside shopping centres and on office blocks to attempt to achieve the same brand exposure.

To keep the aircraft going, and sustain employment at the Son Bonet aerodrome, perhaps local councils, health authorities and businesses who believe in corporate and social responsibility should step in and take over the joystick.

“Save Water”, “Don’t Drink and Drive”, “Always Wear a Condom”, “Be Sun Safe” and “Don’t Start a Forest Fire” etc are all messages that those on the beaches below very much need to be reminded of this summer.
And I believe there is more chance of them being seen by the target audience from the sky - than on some random roadside poster that none of them will come within half a mile of passing.
The sky’s the limit!

Richard Chew