Majorca problems

Dear Sir,

1. Looky blanket traders still rife in Palma - Cathedral gardens/ bus meeting point is more like an Arab souk - with sellers everywhere.

2. Cloudy/rainy days mean Palma grinds to a halt with tourists trying to find somewhere to park.

3. Some scatty scheme being contemplated by powers that be, haven’t they heard of park and ride? Hire cars should be banned from city centre (unless invalids being transported).

4. Whilst biking holidays seem to be the next promotion, perhaps road tests and insurance should be introduced. Plus use of mobile phones/headphones/eating and drinking whilst cycling should face the same fines as other round users.

5. With Pacha disco closed, why the need for the Paseo Maritimo to have special parking reserved at weekends? Still encouraging people to drink and drive.

6. Suggestion that traffic be reduced along Paseo Maritimo will only result in more chaos on the Via Cintura.

7. Victims of our own success. I was at Palma airport on Monday and at 9am departure. Access road total chaos! Dropping off lane vehicles double parked/ invalid parking bays blocked. And not a policeman in sight!

8. Finally, it was interesting to see Republican councillors meeting the Royal family, no doubt they will also be attending their majesty’s end of holiday thank you dinner (can’t see them missing out on that can you?)

No doubt when I return from my holiday nothing will have changed, councillors are on holiday as well.

May Vane Percy