Not coming back

Dear Sir,
I read with interest your piece today. To counter-balance against your "flood of emails and FB posts" against returning to Majorca, I’d offer that a vast majority of people who’ve enjoyed a wonderful stay on this, your beautiful island, do not feel compelled to write to you because they’ve had a fantastic time, building beautiful memories together with their families without the need to share this with the local newspaper.

This is our second trip here, reading MDB each issue, and we love it here; we appreciate the beautiful beaches, fantastic, good-value restaurants of Palma and a wonderful, tourist-tax-paying villa rental agency.

I would urge others of the silent minority to speak up so that "Anglos-abroad" do not come across as whinging-poms as our history may suggest.

Yours faithfully,
Ally Bainton
Geneva, Switzerland

Cruelty to horses

Dear Sir,
I was a regular visitor to this wonderful island but it breaks my heart when I see the barbaric conditions the poor horses are forced to endure pulling those carriages especially this year in the temperatures that have been recorded. I have even seen upset tourists pouring water from gallons that they had bought from the supermarket over these poor creatures. They are forced to stand with no shelter from the blazing sun, there is no regulation as to the weight they are forced to carry, I saw a family of six large people plus the driver happily allow this horse to be whipped into action! When is this cruelty going to end!? It is the 21st century, our party of eight have decided to visit another country rather than pour money into an economy that is oh so cruel.

Yours faithfully,
Susan Hannah