Dear Sir,

I've just arrived in Puerto Pollensa, having visited at least once a year since 1985, and whilst I like the new arrangements restricting traffic on the seafront road, the relocation of the bus terminus and taxi rank are a total disaster. Whoever thought it could possibly be a good idea to relocate the bus stops from their most convenient location adjacent to the port and in the centre of the town to the most distant point available, and totally impractical for people with restricted mobility. I used to like taking trips to Pollensa, Alcudia and even Palma, but will probably not be doing so this year, and suspect many others will do likewise, so the local authority can look forward to a flood of complaints from the bus operators about the fall in passenger numbers.

The relocation of the taxi rank is just as bad as it's now hidden away behind the church where nobody can find it, and worse still the drivers have to relocate every Wednesday morning to accommodate the market stalls, meanwhile, their previous location is empty and unused. If anyone from the local authority is reading this, I suggest sacking the idiot who came up with these moronic schemes (and who probably doesn't use buses or taxis and so is oblivious to the resultant chaos), and put them back where they were and where their users want them to be. Knowing the "we know best" mentality of local politicians, however, I won't be holding my breath!

John Wainwright