Dear Sir,
With regard to the letter in Friday’s Daily Bulletin I have to total agree with Mr Wainwright about the bus arrangement in Puerto Pollensa town. It has been a total nightmare and very inconvenient since they stopped coming in on the sea front road. If they want it traffic free they could at least have made it buses only.

I live in Porto Cristo and have taken many of my visitors there before they made the changes. I am travelling there this next Tuesday so I will maybe need a map. I also find that this year they have changed the route completely with no notification at all.

I find TIB never give out information about changes, you tend to find out whilst on route and the changes seem for no reason at all, never anything to do with road works or diversions. I think they just expect everybody to be mind readers. What has happened to the new bus station on the edge of town with a shuttle bus - has that whole idea been scrapped?

Let’s hope they rethink the whole system and go back to as it was - that suited us all.

A regular bus user,
David Earnshaw
Porto Cristo

Dear Sir,
I have been living on this island for close to 20 years and I am a permanent Spanish resident. Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and decided at the time not to be a burden on the State and pay for the necessary medication out of my own pocket. I have done so ever since.

Recently I have been diagnosed with another life-threatening medical condition that is treatable and the doctor in charge has stated that I need the Spanish medical card because of the prohibitively expensive cost of the medicine required.

My application for said card has been refused by the Balearic authorities on the grounds of a technicality in the small print. You can imagine my reaction when I read recently that the new government has announced that all illegal immigrants are now eligible for free Spanish health care.

Name withheld by request