Thank you
Dear Sir,
What a very nice surprise!! Having not read your paper for maybe 15 years on receiving a copy given to me by my son Sean to read whilst I am in Hospital awaiting an operation, I was totally taken back and impressed by some of the interesting and amazing articles that I found and how the paper was  laid out. Congratulations!! Impressed, I have now asked him to bring/buy me a Bulletin everyday to the Hospital of which he is doing and awaiting to read with Interest. The Interest is the “Articles”. Name a few that are all good.Tourist etc by Andrew Ede – What’s on, Wild Majorca by James Davies, Spotlight on the North by Andrew Ede, Gardening by Dorothy Loeffler.What caught my eye was that your people all seemed to have written knowing there subject and wrote with feeling the homework has been studied and to a degree the basic facts were totally correct. You might say how do you know, well I have been here living on and off since my parents purchased a property in late 1958/60. Yes, saw Franco, or his look alike, done all the beautiful fiestas, remember the Bike Races over the Coll de Soller, the Running of the Bull from Biniariax to Soller, met all the so called important ex-pats-stories I could tell and a lot of ex-pat rubbish. Keep it up Man, await next article with great interest. Thank you for reminding me of all those lovely memories.


Bob McCallum

Camp de Mar beach sunbeds
Dear Sir,
Might be a non story, but there’s a dispute with the local council that’s causing problems with sunbeds and parasols on the beach at Camp de Mar, in other words....there isn’t any! Lots of unhappy holiday makers apparently. Do you know anything about this?

Viv Hill