Dear Sir,
My husband and I fell in love with Majorca 15 years ago, bought an apartment and come here’s as often as we can.
Friday 22 June we drove to Andratx in the afternoon, parked the car, crossed the street and was robbed. In a flick of a second a guy came from the back, tore my husbands watch of his wrist , jumped on the back of a waiting motorcycle and off the two men went. It all happened very fast. A very, very nice shop keeper phoned the police and everything was taken care of in a professional way.
My question is: are you, Majorca Daily, told about incidents like this? Because I would really like to spread the word... however sad it is.
Kind regards,

Hanne Gundelach

Dear Sir,
Yesterday we went to the city beach in central Palma, Cán Pere Antoni. It was not a very nice experience!
The first thing we saw was that a big part of the beach was covered with seaweed and as a result the water was “muddy” and not very nice. Far from “crystal clear” water.
The second thing we observed was on the beach itself. It was full of rubbish for example plastics in all forms, leftovers from barbeques, cigarettes, fragments of glass and so on. Terrible!
Why is this fantastic part of Palma ignored? Everybody who lives here or visits Palma would love to be able to go a beach in the city center. This could be quite an asset for tourism and for residents.
Now it is not an asset and rather gives a negative impression.
Next time we go to the beach we will take the car and drive to a nice beach. So will others.
Why are our politicians ignoring this?


Dear Sir,
The official Brexit Vote Leave campaign allegedly broke some electoral rules, hardly worth a mention in the midst of other exposed rules infringements ie. Lloyd’s Banking Group alleged rigging of the Libor benchmark, creating a world financial crisis. German car manufacturers VW rigging exhaust emissions tests, resulting in global compensation law cases against them. The UK far left Labour party’s Momentum, being funded by an American, allegedly against party funding rules. In comparison, Vote Leave may have been a little bit naughty.