Dear Sir,

Over the last forty years we have seen many changes to winter tourism in Majorca, I remember the day as detailed in the attached catalogue when you could fly to Majorca from all major UK airports, now it’s virtually impossible to get a winter flight to Majorca.
Majorca was as popular as Benidorm for winter tourism, now Benidorm is thriving in the winter, and here in Majorca tourists are seldom seen after Halloween.

In your opinion what’s to blame, and what’s the solution?

Is it the hoteliers, is it the airlines, is airport charges, is it the tour operators, is it the Majorcan government, is it the weather?

In my opinion Majorca has a lot to offer in the winter, especially the city of Palma, yet the tour operators favour Benidorm, the Majorcan people desperately need work in the winter, what went wrong with Majorcan winter tourism over the last 20 years?

I look forward to your comments.


Ian Rice
A long time Scottish/ Majorcan Resident