Viewpoint Changing times
Dear Sir,
This is an article that is valid for most EU countries. Point of views and future election results will only become more extreme and this is due to politicians who do not want to listen to the man in the street and his daily challenges (rich-middleclass-less fortunate people).

There is a sleeping part of the population who is now waking up slowly and who are fed up. This is the middle class who get up every day, go to work, pay their bills and taxes (each year more and more) and never get 1 € reward.

But on the other hand is confronted with growing feeling of unsafety, failing jurisdiction system, declining neighbourhoods mandatory to accept more and more decisions which they do not support etc.

Politicians are very ignorant and are only interested in their own positions not the people. One day the part of the population who brings in the money will stand up and, believe me.

Mike Lammers