Dear Sir,
Eduardo Gamero’s statement that the tourist tax "is not being used to improve tourist resort infrastructure" strikes a chord with what the tourists have been saying all along.

I am sat here contemplating a holiday and have sat down to compare prices:

FLIGHTS £84.00 £133.00
HOTEL £437.00 £522.00
Total £521.00 £667.70

2 people £1,042 £1,335.40
Difference +£293.40

So, having worked out the that Majorca is £293.40 more expensive same hotel class and board and having been to resorts in both places, what is going to make the difference count?

Both resorts are by the sea and easy walking distance to the town centre =

I booked half board on both hotels so must compare food and its value, without a doubt Croatia’s breakfast and evening meals for selection, quantity, quality and variety win on all counts +1

Bus services are both the same and I have used both =

Croatia has two swimming pools and plus facilities, Majorca zero +1

Weather =

Tourist trips by coach and sea I have used both =

Eating out value for money and selection.
Coffee £1.20 £2.53
Beer £1.81 £3.18

This is comparing by using cafe and bars off the main tourist streets.
Overall Croatia is the cheaper +1
On simple scoring Croatia wins 3 -0

Already my money has a greater purchasing power in Croatia and there are no groups wishing the tourists to "go away", the people are friendly and speak good English.

The tide turns very quickly and because Majorca has benefitted from events at other tourist locations this has also led to other countries coming online and offering as good if not better holidays.

The Fomento del Turismo are right to show concerns that Majorca is pricing itself out of the holiday market which will mean less tourists, less employment and the Tourist Minister should be managing the situation.

Bel Busquets was quick to jump on the bandwagon after the removal of tourist resorts after the terrorist attacks, will she be as quick to see new resorts coming online and the resurgence of Turkey, Egypt, etc.

B. Rowe