Save the Med will be cleaning Platja de Sant Joan in Mal Pas. | Save the Med


For the tenth consecutive year ‘Let’s Do It World’ and their 169 partner countries are organising and promoting the World Clean up Day that falls on September 21, 2019.

During last year’s event in Majorca over one hundred volunteers gathered and cleaned beaches, forests and urban areas all around the island. More than 190 kg of garbage were removed and 3070 plastic items were categorised and counted.

The World Clean Up Day is an opportunity for all of us to become a bit more aware of our environmental impact and get together to find solutions to the increased amount of waste that humans produce in a finite and threatened natural environment.

World Clean Up Day

The more we learn, the better we understand the problems, and the easier it is to begin implementing solutions. This is something that starts at home, in our everyday lives.

Ready, Steady, Clean!

This year in celebration of World Clean Up Day Save the Med are once again joining forces with Let’s Clean Up Spain, a growing platform created to bring awareness to the topic of plastic pollution!

On Saturday, September 21, several Majorcan NGOs are organising and inviting you to join the action happening around the island.

What’s happening and where?

Save The Med will be cleaning the beach Platja de Sant Joan, in Mal Pas, Alcúdia.

Amics de la Terra will be cleaning el Torrent Gross, from the beach of Ciudad Jardín, Palma.

DonDobbin will be cleaning the beach Es Repic in Puerto Soller.

Save Our Seas will be cleaning the area of Cala D’or.

How can you participate in the World Cleanup Day this September 21?

Find some suggestions below:

1. Download the TRASHOUT application and start “mapping” all the garbage points you find on the island. You can download it in the following link:

2. Organise your own clean up action! Choose an area to clean and invite friends, family and neighbours. It can be a beach, a forest area or an urban area. If you are a group of people, make sure to check with the town hall to see if you need a permit.

3. Participate as a volunteer in any of the organised event around the island!

- If you are an individual who would like to get involved with one of the programmed events look up the name of the group on social media, more information and contact details will pop up.

- If you are an organisation or company and want to know how you can help contact Alice at, and let her know who you are and where on the island you want to get involved, and she will get back to you with further instructions.

A typical question on the day is, but what can WE do?
It’s important to understand that clean-ups are not the solution to our plastic pollution problems, but they do help us to understand what is going on and allow us to search for fresh ways of solving the dilemma.

By asking ourselves what types of objects, products and brands are we finding we can draw conclusions about the source of the pollution and take steps to solve stop it at its source; by reducing our consumption of plastic.

At Save The Med we try to act by following the four R’s: REFUSE single use plastics, REDUCE over-consumption, REUSE whatever we can, and when we have run out of options RECYCLE what can be recycled. There are plenty of easy ways to do this in our everyday lives and we’re happy to tell you about our favourites during the event!

Remember that change starts with YOUR consumption, and that is YOUR unique decision.

Join the action and become part of #GenerationSaveTheMed!