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Did you know that a 10% of the population suffers from RLS?

People with restless legs syndrome have uncomfortable sensations in their legs (and sometimes also in their arms or other parts of the body) and an irresistible urge to move their legs to relieve the sensations.

It is a chronic disorder and mainly occurs in inactive phases.

The restless legs syndrome also affects the patient’s daily life when they try to sleep, while sitting in the car or traveling longer distances, at the cinema or simply when they want to relax sitting on the sofa.

There is no certain medical test or procedure for the detection of RLS and this is why it is difficult to make a diagnose about it and very important to know the symptoms. Understanding what suffering from RLS means for the patient’s daily life helps you imagine how much its quality of life worsens.

Causes and Symptoms of RLS

The causes for the appearance of the disease are damages to the peripheral nerves, too much uric acid or not sufficient iron in the blood.

Nevertheless in most cases it is not possible to determine the real cause for the outbreak of the disease because there is no medical examination that can prove a 100% that you have RLS.

In the following part you find some essential features which must be present for a correct diagnosis of restless legs syndrome (RLS):

· A typical strong urge to move their legs and/or their arms continuously

· The symptoms become worse when the patient is resting, inactive, lying or sitting (worsening of the symptoms in the morning or the evening/at night) but become better when they move, walk, stretch until there is activity

· Involuntary movements in the extremities

· Inner restlessness as a consequence of the symptoms

Understanding what suffering from RLS means for the patient’s daily life helps you imagine how much its quality of life worsens. Alternative therapies such as the therapy with “Forever Needles” can help to recover their health.

Fortunately today there are many alternative therapies which can alleviate considerably the symptoms and quality of life of patients suffering from RLS.

Many patients can reduce the dose of dopaminergic drugs due to the improvement of the symptoms and could recover their health in a natural way.

“Forever Needles” as an alternative Treatment

One of the therapies to improve the symptoms of RLS is the developed version of the Auriculotherapy which is completely pain-free and very effective.

The major advantage?

The considerable improvement of the patient’s quality of life.

This acupuncture technique is based on the implantation of needles of medical titan into the skin of the ears to stimulate by this certain acupuncture points and produce the therapeutic effects in accordance with every patient’s necessities.

As the Auriculotherapy can recover their inner calmness and quality of life the therapy is a grand advancement, even if it is not a definitive healing.

The Center for neuroregenerative Medicine based in Valencia, Spain, is one of the pioneers in development and research in the domain of natural techniques. One of them is the advanced Auriculotherapy with permanent needles of titan for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases as amongst others RLS or Alzheimer.

This secure and efficient technique allows a considerable alleviation of the symptoms of RLS and other diseases of patients from all over the world.