Dear Sir,

We too left a delightful lunch and afternoon at the Hotel Gloria, after the Bulletin lunch, only to be pushed into a dangerous situation.

We three ladies, had to try to make our way back down the street of the hotel as there was no exit to the Borne.

It was pushing and shoving and once out in Calle Union it was worse with, unbelievably, push chairs, scooters even bikes being shoved into our legs and used like weapons. Had we or anyone else fallen, god knows what would have happened?

We were very frightened and had no choice in which direction we were pushed. Not being able to see kerb edges as at times the crush almost stopped us breathing. I did not want to mention it but the thought of the football stadium tragedies, recently back in the news, crossed my mind.We eventually escaped into a bar as we were tired and distressed.

After an hour we made our way out and the streets were clear. Our question was “where were police on crowd control, where were there barriers?”

The next morning I looked in the Spanish island papers, but not one word about this danger. Neither was there any ambulance any where on standby.

Sadly we have decided not to be there again next year. Things could have turned out so differently.

Saludos from a worried resident