CCC meets CCA. The Classic Car Club pauses for lunch at the Cultural Centre Andratx. | Peo Stenberg


Today’s paper is also tomorrow’s, this edition being a two day version, 31 December and 1 January 2020. It’s not often one gets to review an entire year and at the same time preview the year to come. Maybe you should be reading this at midnight between grapes as the bells ring twelve times and you sip the bubbly. Or maybe that’s just too many things for two hands to deal with.

2019 Rally Clásico

Another New Year is a great excuse for a party, as if any of us need excuses. Traditionally an evening fuelled by plenty of bubbly whether in the raucous company of a crowd having fun, or celebrating with a group of friends over a candlelit dinner. There are fireworks to watch from all the major capital cities, a 24 hour extravaganza of exploding lights in the sky. Who can produce the best? Seems to me that Sydney and London do quite well in that competition. Being one of the first and the one straddling the middle of the World’s time zones probably helps. That big wheel in London is certainly a great launching pad for the show.

Cruising through Plaça Cort in Palma

If there is a downside to the New Year it usually arrives the next morning or afternoon in the form of a sore head. They say the best cure is more of the same. Personally I have my doubts about a strong Bloody Mary with two raw eggs, a liquidised sausage and a splash of Brandy but some swear by it. I’d rather eat the hair of a dog. If in doubt go for the more conservative solution: aspirin, a poached egg on toast and a nap.

Majorca is such a great drive, especially in your Porsche 365

It could also be time to reflect. Glancing back over my shoulder, the last year has been another vintage one in the four wheel world. And that’s just in Majorca. Our fascination with interesting and older cars of various eras just seems to grow as most things in life become more and more homogenous. And also a great distraction from the day to day routine. Not to mention the key thing, that we, the car crowd are a great bunch and make for good very company. How’s that for banging our own drum?

We need a classic Ferrari to complete the picture

Here’s a quick resume of 2019, has to be quick to keep up with all these fast motors. Firstly there’s the weekly Wednesday evening all car club meet at The Boat House where the selection of cars is always something special. Then there are regular drives in modern fast machines to various stunning spots all over the island.

This Citroen has been around the New Year celebrations a few times

Monthly Classic Car Club rallies exploring some of the least well known and prettiest roads of Majorca. And plenty of car shows, big summer ones like the Russell Stevens Memorial and the midsummer Classic Car Sunset Picnic. Loads of local shows all over the island. And of course the annual Rally Clásico every March and Mallorca Classic Week every September. Inevitably I’ve forgotten something but I’m sure you get the idea.

Flying lady in good company perched on her Rolls at the Wednesday meeting

We’ve put together a few photos to show the many facets of the Majorcan petrolhead’s life over the last 12 months. As ever, the three musketeers, Peo, Gaston and Adrian, our three lens masters, have come up with the goods. Happy New Year and see you next week.

Cobra in good company, out for a Sunday morning run in the Tramuntana

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