Mint should be contained or it will take over. | ARCHIVO


Although I have mentioned it all through the last few months, I can’t help but repeating the need to plant up ones spring vegetable garden now.

February, although considered a winter month, here on sunny days it could full well be considered spring so get out there in the vegetable patch and be sure to get all those spring vegetables planted. Some of these vegetables that have large easy to handle seeds like peas and beans can be given a little boost by soaking the seeds in water for a day or two before actually popping them in the ground. This soaking makes the seed swell up a little and is almost ready for germination once in the soil. Other finer seeds like tomatoes, green peppers, aubergines will all do better in a seedbed as a starter to be transplanted out to their own space in a few weeks time when they grow to a manageable size.

Of course along beside the vegetables there are all the summer flower seeds so begin to get them into the garden as well. Many of the annuals will have self seeded and are already showing masses of seedlings if you haven’t already dug over the ground. Now comes the dilemma, just leave them and thin them out a bit or transplant just a few to where you want them. Osteospermums, Love-in-the-mist, Nasturtiums, Poppy, Allysum, the selection is endless. Some you may have been able to collect the seed pods after last season others will be, as I mention already just popping up all over the place. They will need thinning out, some to be transplanted or even potted up to be given away and of course those that stay just where they have always been. Starting off with something new, then you can find packets of flower seeds in many supermarkets if they have a gardening section or in any co-op or garden centre and of course there you will often find the easy way out with seed trays of seedlings or mature plants already potted up and even in flower just right for the instant garden or to add to plants on a balcony.

We must not forget the herb garden, mint of course you will never kill, once you have it, it is there forever running all over the place if not in a container of some sort. The annuals like Parsley and Sweet Basil and any other favourites you may well want are always available on supermarket shelves. Herbs are always useful to have on a kitchen terrace or that part of the garden to be able to have within easy reach of the cooking pot when needed. A Sage bush and Rosemary of course are a must and both do really well here needing only a minimum of water as opposed to Sweet Basil for example that really thrives on water.

Now I will briefly comment on the ESRA Flower Show which is coming up in mid May. It does sound like months away but if any members want to exhibit anything special for any of the many gardening classes, then its about time to think about planting up. The schedule was published last November but it will be published in full by next month for exhibitors to get started. And for gardeners or flower lovers who know nothing about ESRA activities, it is worth bearing in mind that this flower show is held every year in May and open to the public for viewing the exhibits and to see just what can be grown in Majorca. This year the show is to be held in the Cloister of Santa Domingo in Pollensa so put that date in your diary, May 14, or even join ESRA so that you can take part of the Flower Show if you have something special you would like to share with others.