This week I think that it’s time to hear from youngsters. I asked three Escola Global students to share their uncensored ‘lockdown’ thoughts. Here’s what Jowan, Jemima and Seb have to say:

“If someone had told me a month ago that we be living in lockdown like this, I wouldn´t have believed them. Normal life has been postponed, with no idea when it might be back. I miss so many things that I used to take for granted. Most of all I miss my friends. Even though I can see them online, sometimes it´s awkward and unnatural. I miss being out in the world and moving around school, where life is spontaneous and unexpected things happen."


"My life now is predictable and although I try hard not to get bored, the days all feel the same. I do stick to a routine though and try to have weekends off from schoolwork. My teachers at Escola Global have done a great job keeping lessons interesting and I really like our videoconferences but I miss seeing everyone face to face. As a kid there´s been no way to leave the house since this started. I´m lucky enough to have a garden but it upsets me to think about all the kids who have been stuck inside all this time. If I could go out for a walk or a bike ride once a day it would make lockdown a lot easier. I just hope that by doing my best and staying home, we can all get through this quickly without too many people suffering.” Jowan

“What is lockdown for me? I think it's been a great learning curve for the whole human race. People are more considerate towards others, there is less pollution, it helps the planet in many ways but there are also downsides. We have to stay home all day except for the occasional walk with the dog but then again not everyone has pets."

"For some, staying home all day is boring, for others they enjoy a break from the real world. For me I am somewhere in between. Of course I love my family but I am getting a bit sick of seeing them everywhere I go. Virtual school has been a rollercoaster of emotions. The first day I had to make a few calls to my friends asking for help because it was all a bit confusing but I am now in my fourth week of online schooling and I think it was a great decision for my school to use this method of teaching. I am enjoying all of my classes because my teachers have come up with fun and exciting ways to learn something new without even being with us. Bravo to all the teachers out there!"

"Of course I miss my friends. I miss having sleepovers, I miss going out with them and I even miss our silly quarrels about basically nothing."

"To sum it all up I am not unhappy but my opinion is that it would be nicer if the Government of the Balearics would relax the restrictions a bit so I could see my mates at least.” Jemima

The whole coronavirus experience itself is weird. The obvious changes range from simple things like spending more time with my family, to complicated and crazy things such as being fined for going out and having to do school online."


"Virtual schooling feels very different from real school. The impression it gives also changes over time. My first videoconference was exciting and everyone was playing around with the software. Now, everybody is used to it and it doesn’t seem as exciting as it was before. I find that virtual schooling is working very well considering the circumstances (though not as effective as in person)."

"Outside of school, I’m spending much more time with my family. I generally spend my break time with my brothers playing table tennis, which I really enjoy. However, I’m spending less time with my friends and I miss being able to go to their houses. I feel that it would be nice if I could see them in person (with the certainty that none of them have the virus)."

"I miss playing tennis every week. I have been aching to do so for the past week. I think that lockdown would be better if people were allowed to go for the occasional walk. Maybe have it so that people take turns? It would be difficult to organise but for me it would make lockdown much more fun."

"As much as there is that is being sacrificed, it is worth it for the lives being saved (and there is also a surprisingly beneficial effect on the environment).” Seb

Though these young journalists didn’t have time to communicate with each other there are common threads running through each section. They resonate with me and perhaps with you too?

So our sharing this week is right here:

1. Let’s make sure we listen to our youngsters, especially the ones who we know will be finding this extended lockdown the most difficult.

2. Let’s be more open about the fact that most of us are missing our friends and extended family and recognise that it is normal to feel this way.

Let us all hope that our lockdown in Majorca can soon be eased a little so we can go out to exercise.

Next week this section will focus on how we might be coping and how we might do even better!

In the mean time keep safe and well.

Margaret Morris is School Adviser at Escola Global