Bianca in the Reiki Master's world. | Shirley Roberts


Most of us in Majorca know Bianca. She is one of the beautiful faces behind Radio One Mallorca. At least she was, until she gave up her flat, left her job and headed off with a backpack into the great unknown in December 2019.

Hang on a minute I can hear you say, wasn’t she the lovely lady who got stranded in the Gambia in 2017? Yes, a constitutional crisis in the Gambia started after the presidential elections on 1 December 2016, and ended with the outgoing president Yahya Jammeh being forced to step down in favour of his elected successor Adama Barrow on 21 January 2017. Right in the middle of Bianca’s holiday. The adventure of trying to get back home in all the civil unrest was enough to put a traveller off.

That was not going to happen as the urge to go, do and experience, was already in her brain and winter 2019 was the time to go. Her definition of the decision goes something like this ‘in order to go on this soul searching trip I have to find a way to screw my head back onto my body if that makes sense.'

'When you are constantly running and stressed it feels your head and body are 2 separate entities. Your head is just going 100 miles an hour and the only thing that your body does is being the vehicle that does all the hard work.'

'On top of that I smoke, eat the wrong food and don’t say no to a glass of wine or two/three, don’t exercise enough and oh, did I mention I hardly sleep because my head is always ticking. So yeah, basically I’m a heart attack waiting to happen.'

'I need exercise, healthy food, rest, and I need to be re-tuned like a broken radio with a lot of Reiki.’

This story begins, after spending time in Amsterdam with her family. She stood in the airport remembering that 29 years ago she stood there on her own with a suitcase on her way to the Canaries for six months then went to Majorca and never came back. Now she stood there again, not even with a suitcase but with a 10 kilo back pack. Nerves kicked in whilst sitting at the gate waiting for the flight to Abu Dhabi then onto Kochi in India.

‘What am I doing?’

A hotel overnight and then a driver to take her deep into the Indian mountains to meet a Reiki master and live with him and his family for 2 weeks. There to be trained up to be a Reiki practioner. She has always been fascinated in energy healing and even helped a few people, but decided she would love to truly understand the skill. It wasn’t easy to find a real master but after much research had chosen a teacher. She was ready for the adventure now – bring it on.

The Master and his family were welcoming and this was now her place in the universe for the next two weeks. She wasn’t quite ready for day one but it went something like this…

‘Master Aji puts some loud Indian music on (don’t forget its 5.30 am) and tells me to hop up and down with my feet firmly on the ground for 15 minutes. Guys this is material for a reality programme, I’m hopping up and down like I need to go to the toilet for 15 minutes. Then he says 15 minutes of free dance, so Master Aji and I are having a rave at 5.45 in the morning… Welcome to the first day of training!’

‘The noises of the night from chipmunks to cockroaches and my brain wondering what I am doing is my feeling as I drifted off to sleep. I am also missing my lovely boy on his birthday in Majorca.'

'The days’ spin past and I am learning so much and loving observing such a different way of life. No freedom of movement for me as a single white woman is just a strange object here. The family take pity on me and take me to the Temple. I am confused about the Gods and they way it all works but I am equally enchanted. There is lighting of oil lamps, a lot of shouting of priests and wild throwing of water. I am getting pushed around a lot because I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time but I am loving every minute of it.’

Bianca’s Humans of Majorca story next week will take you from this point to Corona lockdown in the jungle. Our Bianca is definitely living a gold star adventure this time…