Associacio Tardor. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Although we are slowly being allowed out of this lockdown, the situation for many of Majorca’s residents is becoming worse. News filtered through to the yachting community that the Palma soup kitchen Associació Tardor was running out of food. Normally it can rely on local restaurants and cafes which donate excess food, but as none have been open the situation has become desperate.

Tardor helps the homeless, and people who have “fallen through the cracks” of the social security system on the island.

Danielle Kennedy from SR Coating Solutions, a superyacht paint specialist business, said. “After hearing from Lars Molin from the Facebook group Palma Yacht Crew about the current lack of food at the Association Tardor to feed the hungry and the homeless here in Palma, we all felt a desperate need to help. We had just decided last week that we wanted to work with the #20eurochallenge idea. It is amazing what 20€ can buy to feed a large amount of people, if you shop well and cook with basic ingredients.

A very heavy box of veggies

After speaking with Jan Richards of Panthalassa that morning, I made it my mission to hit the STP Boatyard and see what we could do to help provide food and toiletries for today. We had donations from SY Baiurdo, MY Lady Anna of Fife, SY Ribelle, and SR Coating Solutions. Between them I collected 160€ which gave me enough money to buy 120 XL eggs, 10 litres sunflower oil, 5 kilos of rice, 2 kilos of chickpeas, 3 kilos of pasta shells, 2.5 kilos macaroni, 4 large bottles of hair conditioner, 4 large bottles of shampoo, 5 large bottles of hand wash, 70 razors, 40 sanitary pads, 10 tubes of toothpaste, 13 loaves of bread 8 kilos of mince, and a huge box of vegetables.

I also have to say thanks to our butcher and greengrocer as I told them I only had 20€ to shop for the needy and they piled in the food. I delivered all straight to Nick Entwisle at “Yachting Gives Back” who drove straight to Tardor to deliver the food as they had to close due to no food. On the way out of STP I managed to catch Jason from WinchWorks Palma and Danny from Undercover so there is money in the pot for tomorrow. Please, please, please help! This is our Island, let’s not see people going hungry please”. You can call Danielle on 689 747 336, you can donate remotely, you do not have to give her the cash in person if you are unable to.

Saloua Sfar, the head chef and owner of A Ma Maison in Santa Catalina had a similar response to the crisis. “I was walking my dogs by where the soup kitchen is and I realised that there were a lot of people waiting for food and that they had run out of things they could give them. It broke my heart. I decided there and then to donate a part of my earnings from my restaurant, which at the moment can only do takeaways, and I also made an appeal to friends who perhaps could donate. So far I have 850€! I went today to buy food for the Association, if it keeps going well then I might need a bigger car! I spoke to Toni from the Association who told me the number one thing they need right now is baby food. So tomorrow I will be going to buy baby food as no baby should be going hungry in this country.

Thank you to Pia Markwall Toyne, David Fuller, Carys Andersson, Lara Corfield, Simon Relph, Belinda Jane Carrigan, Rena ta , Rhoanna Jackson, Mike and Bernie Knight, Marianela Lahore, Ally Baskerville-King, Tore Arctander , Palma Vino, A ma maison restaurant, Andy Glossop, Melanie Winters, Barbara Jago, Nathalie Vin, for their donation and support.” You can contact Saloua Sfar on 634 906 941 to make a donation.

You can find Tardor on Calle Reina Constanza 10 in Palma. If you need to contact them you can call 643 21 71 56 or email: You can contact Yachting Gives Back on 619 11 79 37 for information on how you can help.