Vicki McLeod
Vicki McLeod

Vicki has lived in Mallorca since 2004, she still can't conjugate the past tense in Spanish. 


In the classroom with the founder of Mallorca Tutoring Academy

We work with the Spanish curriculum up to Selectividad, the GCSE and A Level systems, and the International Baccalaureate.

Vicki McLeod 22/03/2023 11:46


Visa España: Navigating the paper trail

Meet Becky and Keri, from Mallorca Solutions where a team of eight now based in Son Bugadelles assist people through the bureaucracy involved in applications for NIE numbers, residency, driving licenses etc.

Vicki McLeod 13/03/2023 15:37


Eight go into the ring in Mallorca

The event was to raise money for the Cancer Support Group.

Vicki McLeod 07/03/2023 11:59


Talking with celebrant and end of life doula in Mallorca

The next Death Cafe is in Algaida on February 28 from 11am to 1pm.

Vicki McLeod 27/02/2023 15:40


Mallorca resident completes the World’s Toughest Row!

Ian and Dan rowed non stop from La Gomera in the Canaries in aid of The Pink Ribbon Foundation which works to support people.

Vicki McLeod 24/02/2023 13:08


Why are you sitting here in the cafe? I am working....

This week we meet a Mallorca resident who is currently writing his autobiography in between writing novels, and looking to start up a writter’s group in Mallorca.

Vicki McLeod 17/02/2023 15:33


Taking your dogs and cats from Mallorca to the UK and back again!

This week we talk to a Mallorca resident who runs Magic Car-Pet!

Vicki McLeod 14/02/2023 14:57


In the circle with ... An Bleu

This week I sit and talk to An about her work supporting international women who are having a baby in Mallorca.

Vicki McLeod 09/02/2023 10:28


The future is bright for Mallorca’s film industry

We're currently bidding over 20 jobs for commercials, and over 30 jobs for film drama and reality.

Vicki McLeod 03/02/2023 09:00


"First think, second believe, third dream and finally dare..."

Between his dad and Xavi they have rescued and rehabilitated more than 30 horses sincelaunching Naturacavall in 2019.

Vicki McLeod 08/01/2023 11:36


In the ring with Ian Bonsall: "Challenge yourself in 2023 to step outside of your comfort zone"

The Find Your Inner Gladiator event asks for volunteers to take part in 10 weeks of free training to then participate in a fight night to raise money for the Cancer Support Group.

Vicki McLeod 27/12/2022 11:45


Calendar Guys

The Palma Fire Brigade have printed 10,000 which should raise €8k for ASPACE and Rana Foundation.

Vicki McLeod 25/12/2022 21:45


"It’s a different life on the other side of the paseo..."

“We get to be Santa Claus with other people's money! But without the cooperation of the Superyacht crews and businesses we would not be able to help.”

Vicki McLeod 18/12/2022 13:25


Painting with joy

Line and her husband Jesper first bought a house in Mallorca in 2008 in Cala Ratjada, and became residents of the island in 2012.

Vicki McLeod 29/11/2022 15:15


Mallorca reminds me of where I was born

"There are lots of vets who actually end up dropping out and going into research or academia because they can't handle the day to day constant contact with people."

Vicki McLeod 15/11/2022 20:13


Practise hard, play easy

"The beauty of it is that there's nothing I can do to affect what you do. I can’t snooker you. It’s you against the golf course, not against the other player."

Vicki McLeod 04/11/2022 12:26


Supporting the Cancer Support Group through fitness

Sean is raising money and awareness for the Cancer Support Group.

Vicki McLeod 21/10/2022 17:00


One woman’s trash is another’s treasure

She is now working on stock for Christmas and you might see her at a market near you soon, or you can make an enquiry for a bag through her website.

Vicki McLeod 17/10/2022 21:44


We all need time for a reset

"People like walking around things don’t they? I think islands were made for that purpose."

Vicki McLeod 09/10/2022 23:13


Massage is another language

“Clients come to see me with a lot of different issues, but you can often bring the cause of their pain back to the same things: stress and anxiety can create a lot of pain in the body..."

Vicki McLeod 07/10/2022 10:39