Twilight road test at the Blue Nest in Port Adriano. | Gaston Westphal


I have three things to tell you about this week. To start with I’ve plucked a few photos from the files, which for me encapsulate the mystery of the petrol head mind. You would probably rather not delve in there too deeply, who knows what one might find.

However I’m going to show you anyway. Before going further please note that the petrol head mind is like a kaleidoscope. Every time you shake it something new comes up. But always with a very strong visual motoring link and always with wheels on it or close by.

That’s what links a funky crash helmet, a big block engine from a Dodge Challenger, the VW and Vespa composition, the Porsche backside arty shot, the low in the weeds Beetle and Harley/Cadillac portrait, an Alfa Duetto and friend, the Morgan.

All of these are head turners for petrol heads and we love them all, no matter how diverse and crazy. In fact the more the better. One of my favourite T-shirts says ‘Too much is not enough’. Very succinct.

Swiftly moving onto a slightly saner subject, the Classic Car Club of Mallorca is in the middle of one its’ very popular rallies on the island. To suit these crazy times this one is totally socially distanced.

To the point that the participants don’t come anywhere near each other. You’ll have to wait another week or so for an explanation and full coverage, I can’t let the cat out of the bag because the rally is taking place right now. Other than to say that Gaston Westphal, the organiser, has come up with a seriously fun idea.

Another fun pastime has been the quest to find a meeting venue for our weekly get together. With The Boat House sadly closed until next year, we’ve been rather at sea. The brief sounds quite simple.

Central location, easy car access, parking and bar adjacent, open on a Thursday early evening. And ideally by the sea, we are on an island after all. Easy. But the first hurdle was finding somewhere open at all, never mind on a Thursday early evening.

However brainwaves do make an appearance sometimes and options do exist. We’ve been test driving venues. And having sampled the delights of the new bar and restaurant Blue Nest in Port Adriano a few weeks ago, we gave it a discreet four car visit last week. The results of which you can see here. Regulations and opening times permitting, we hope to have a new petrol head meeting spot soon. Maybe as soon as next week. Which is when I hope to see you again. Stay safe.

The weekly meetup is taking a break. Normally every Thursday from 18.00 to 20.00. Inspiration by The Classic Car Club at Gentlemen Driving Mallorca at & on Facebook. The American Car Club on Facebook, motorofmallorca on Instagram, coolcarsmallorca on Facebook & Instagram & the Petrolhead Society on web, Facebook and Instagram.