The first edition of MARE follows the classic format of a competition, with digital underwater photography as its main discipline to capture the beauty of the Balearic Sea. We encourage you to send your pictures before October 31st and win incredible prizes!

In MARE we strongly believe that the power of images will bring the sea closer to people. This will enable us to create a stronger connection and awareness to act for its conservation. MARE places special emphasis on the power of the image to invite reflection together with the technical quality of photography. Photography is an ideal vehicle to show the hidden beauty of the sea, its colours, lights and shadows. It also allows all of us to document species and habitats, providing with essential information about their state of conservation.

It is key to count on all the possible support and participation to build a wide composition of images collected from the Balearic Sea. This is why we encourage you to participate. Rules are simple, just read them carefully:

· Everybody is welcome to participate; both professionals and amateurs.
· There are two categories: Young (< 18 years) and Adult (> 18 years).
· Participants can submit digital photographs taken in the Balearic Sea. Images
can be presented from the shore and from tens of meters underwater.
· There are 8 prizes of €1.000 for adults and 8 underwater photographic cameras for the young category.
· The 2020 call will be open till October 31st.
· Visit to read the complete rules and sign up.

In this first edition of MARE we are honoured to have within the members of the jury four people; eight eyes and four different backgrounds who will help us select the best images of the Balearic Sea. We will announce them and share some of their underwater secrets hereunder:

Photograph taken by Paul Hilton

Paul Hilton (London, UK) is an internationally well known photojournalist, wildlife trade consultant and conservationist. In one of his most recent interviews for The Oceanographic
Magazine he stated: “Awards are an acknowledgement that you’re doing something right. They’re a chance to take stock, to pat yourself on the back a little and to know that, hopefully, you’ve had an impact in terms of creating change. But more importantly, they help highlight the issues we as photographers are trying to put a spotlight on.”

Awards are important in MARE to build a collective appreciation of the Balearic Sea — our life-support system. They are also relevant to promote more recognition, confidence and perspective for those photographers who make the connection between the general public and the sea. How would we know, indeed, what’s undersea if we wouldn’t have those amazing images?

Photograph by Meaghan Oilgive

Secondly, Meaghan Ogilvie (Toronto, Canada) is an internationally recognized Photographer and visual artist whose diverse artistic collaborations are often aimed at raising awareness about water conservation. She has specialized in underwater photography for the past twelve years. In her own words: “What I love so much about water is that it has this incredible ability to connect people and places”.

The recognition to all those behind the lens is more than relevant. They are the eyes to show the sea with all its splendour, beauty and challenges; especially to those people who would otherwise never had the possibility to dive into the sea.

Photograph by Angel Fitor

“My biggest project is to contribute to stop living with our backs to the sea” says Angel Fitor (Alicante, Spain), the third member of MARE’s jury, who alongside his permanent pursue for visual aesthetics, he invests a significant amount of effort on providing accurate scientific context to his images to reach his goal.

Photograph by Ofelia de Pablo

Ofelia de Pablo, an independent photojournalist based in Madrid and co-founder of HAKAWATAFILM, closes the perfect jury for MARE’s first edition; as one of the greatest storytellers in Spain. She has travelled to more than 60 countries documenting environmental, social and political issues that define our times.

All jury members have one thing in common; they use the power of images with their personal, and strong sense of environmental responsibility and awareness. This is the starting point for MARE’s journey.

We said it thousands of times, and we will repeat it as many times as needed: the conservation of the sea and the coast of the islands is and must be a key pillar of the economic health of the Balearic Islands. That’s why MARE puts the focus on the natural wealth that lies beneath the waters of the Balearic Islands and inspires society’s action to protect it.

As said, life under the sea is an ongoing show that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. It is through the power of images that we can bring the sea closer to the general public. To let everyone know MARE’s mission, we firstly invite you to spread the word and send this article to all photographers, mermaids, underwater lovers, with no age distinction you might know. And secondly, and most importantly; we encourage you to dive in the Balearic sea and be an active part of the its underwater show!

Remember that the registration form, rules and guidelines are available at Any questions you might have do not hesitate to contact us at Do not miss the opportunity to join #AllEyesOnTheSea before October 31st!