Here’s one I made with greenery from the garden and dried leek flowers. | Caroline Fuller


DIY Wreath Making with Claudia

The smell of a fresh christmas tree is a wonderful thing to have in a home at this time of year, but what if you don’t have the room or you prefer an artificial one? Perhaps a christmas wreath could be the answer. Made from pine or whatever garden greenery you have, it will have the fresh smell of garden and can look just as pretty.

Half Door Wreath

I asked Claudia from PlantPresents if she could help show us how to go about making a wreath and she was happy to share this series of photos and some instructions for us to have a go at making them ourselves. Claudia also shared lots of photos of finish products to give some ideas of how to decorate them.

Red Door Wreath

“There are different ways to create a lovely wreath for your door or table and this one is the 3 layered technique. It is more eleaborate but makes for the lushest and most beautiful wreath, at least I think so," said Claudia.

Step 1 - 4 in wreath making

1. Gather your material, you will need a wreath base, binding wire, scissors and lots and lots of greenery. Whatever you think is necessary, double it.
2. Cut greenery in 3 different lengths and put them each on a pile.
3. Tie your wire around the wreath base and secure it.

Steps 4-7 Wreath Making

4. Make a bundle of greenery and lay it on the outside of the wreath and wrap the wire twice around it.
5. Take a second bundle and put it in the middle, secure it with the wire and do the same with the third bundle. This way you covered one section of the wreath.
6. Put the next layer on top of the previous one and do the same again.

Steps 8-9 Wreath Making

7. Repeat this until you have covered the whole wreath.
8. After attaching the last bundle, pull the wire tight, cut it off in the back and secure it.
9. Now you can start decorating it on the front, glue or attach whatever decoration you love.”
I’m grateful to Claudia and will have a go at one of these myself using the hollyoak which is the nearest thing I have seen to holly on the island, and a fir type tree. For the wreath base: I will make one using a bag of straw and wire.
For More Ideas see the following pictures:

Gold Table Wreath

This one above uses pieces of dried Apple and gold decorations. It could be a great project for kids to get involved making shapes to spray with gold to decorate the wreath.

Pink Table Wreath

A very pretty pick themed wreath.

Red Table Wreath