Soller Food Bank. | Shirley Roberts


My Humans this week are made up of those who live, visit, have second homes, used to live here and everyone who remains connected. The Sollerweb site keeps all these people together as a global family and they engage with us every day. They use the Website, the App, the Calendar, the Storytelling Blogger and the mighty Sollerweb Facebook. Once they make a connection they stay with us and contribute in comments, observations, photographs and so much more.

This year Sollerweb wanted to give a platform for our readers to contribute to the financial troubles of some of our families. We have created paypoints via Go Fund Me to raise money in the summer for the Food Bank. Later in the year we diverted our financial attention to buying a special wheelchair for Emy, a young boy with microcondrial disease. So many of the contributions came from Sollerweb readers’ world wide. Then as Christmas approached we thought of a way to use the beautiful Soller Valley photographs so many of our readers take when they are here.

In normal years we hold a Charity Concert at Christmas for local charities here in Soller. For obvious reasons that was not going to happen this year. We usually raise around 350€ and have a lovely evening together. Our fund raising is always for those right on our doorstep. Our charities have included The Milk Fund, Cancer awareness and Social services as they buy school bags and shoes for children as they start a new year in school. There are so many good causes and wonderful initiatives it is hard to know how to share our contribution.

This Christmas it has been all about Food. The human spirit can do so much but it needs feeding every day. Children should not go to bed hungry in our affluent world and parents should not be going without so that their children can eat. The phenomenal rise in Food Bank use in the Soller Valley brings tears to our eyes. Everyone of those families have heart-breaking tales to tell of job losses and no money. Some of them use the Food Bank because of delays in the system but most because they are simply not entitled to any cash under the existing benefits system.

As autumn began we set up a collection of favourite photographs of the Soller Valley which people had taken. They were shared on Instagram and other forms of Social media and everyone loved them. We then picked twelve to be our 2021 Calendar pictures and sent the bundle off to the printers. The main, important selling point was that 5€ from the price of every Calendar was for the Soller Food bank.

We have come to the end of the project now and Soller Calendars have flown the world over as presents for so many. Sollerweb exists to tell the Soller Valley story and these beautiful calendars, with the involvement of the photographers of our Valley, have done a fine job.

Last Thursday my visit to the Food Bank of Soller happened. I met Pep who looks after the work on behalf of Caritas and his wonderful team of helpers. He was very grateful for the 1000€ the Sollerweb Calendar had made for the fantastic work being done in the heart of Soller. On my escorted tour of the Food Bank it was obvious that huge charitable work is going on here on a weekly basis.

They are glad to receive cash, non perishable food donations, nappies, sanitary towels, toilet paper, cleaning products plus gluts of fruit from local gardens and small holdings. I learnt of the work of the Food Bank this year and the number of local families who are dependant on this food source. The Victoria Parochial Centre has been revamped as a collection point and is in the centre of Town.

The people who donate here are local and worldwide. The Soller story has become global and many return every year for holidays or to enjoy their second homes. The majority do not sit on the fence and peak in when life is tough. The kindness of many and the comments about needing to share with us our tough times are heart-warming. The majority of Sollerweb calendars were sold to those across the oceans desperate for a reminder of what they are missing.

The Soller Food bank sends a huge thank you for the 1000€ received and wish all a ‘Very Happy Christmas!