Last week we talked about the process for swapping your UK Driving licence to a Spanish one. One thing that was mentioned is the Cl@ve Pin and Digital Signature. This week we set out the process for getting the Cl@ve Pin and what to do with it once you have.

How to get register for yourself in the CLOVE system and get your Cl@ve Pin account set up, along with some things you can do with it. Note: You need to be a Spanish resident and have a valid ID, Residencia or TIE card.

What is CloVE and CL@VE PIN?

CLOVE is a Spanish system aimed at unifying and simplifying electronic access by citizens to public services. Its main purpose is to allow citizens to identify themselves before they access the online services and procedures. The system is based on the use of a code chosen by the user and a PIN communicated to the user’s phone through the Cl@ve PIN app (available for both IOS and Android app stores).

Advantages are that:
It is very simple, and you do not need remember a password permanently.
PIN codes are time limited which helps makes it more secure.
Before you can use the service, you must register. This can be done, online either with or without a digital certificate or in person. For this article we will show you how to do it online without the need for a digital certificate, although the steps are very similar for both.

How to access the system once registered:
You simply click on the CL@VE PIN icon on the screen for service access (in the example below we want to check our driving license points balance through the DGT website as shown below).

You will be then redirected to the Cl@ve screen as shown below.

To log-in click on the CL@VE PIN icon and you will be directed to the identification screen.

Once you have logged in correctly you will be automatically redirected by Cl@VE to the electronic administration service you were trying to access

(continuing with the example above, the points and background enquiry service provided by the DGT).

How can I register?

This is a two part process.
Firstly, you need to request an activation code that will be sent to you by letter or you can request a video call, we chose the letter by post option as our Spanish is not quite perfect yet.
Secondly, Once you have received the letter with the confirmation code you need to access the registration option in Cl@ve to complete the registration process.

To request your confirmation letter or video call start here:
Enter your NIE.
Enter your Número de Soporte from the back of your residencia card.
Enter your date of birth.
You will be taken to a screen that asks for some further information including your bank account IBAN number, complete that, click ENVIAR (SEND) then wait for your confirmation letter to arrive in the post.

1.Request a letter of invitation for registration in the Cl@ve System.

2. Once the letter of invitation is received, you can then complete registration in the Cl@VE system. You will need the Safe Verification Code (CSV) in the letter. The code comprises 16 numbers and upper case letters as in the picture below:

Note: It is highly recommended to keep a copy of this the code in case you ever need to reset or edit information relating to you, e.g., changing phone number, email address or address.
Access the Electronic Office of the Tax Agency once again, link is here: https://www.agenciatributaria.gob.es/AEAT.sede/procedimientoini/GC27.shtml
Once again click on ‘’Registrarse en Cl@ve
Log in again using your NIE, Name, IBAN number and the activation code you have received in the post and click on ENVIAR (SEND)

You are taken to another screen where you will need to fill in the requested data including some personal details such as your mobile phone number, email and validity date of your DNI-NIE.

Once registration is completed you will get a message online and a text to your phone.

Using the CL@VE Pin:

To actually use the service, you will need to download the Cl@VE PIN app onto your phone and activate it. It’s a simple process, the app is available for both Apple and Android phones, just search the relevant app store for the Cl@VE Pin app, download it and enter the requested info including your name, NIE number and access code. Once done the app is ready to receive PIN codes from whatever CL@VE approved system you try to access.
When you come across an online service that shows the button below, click on it, enter your NIE and your Support number (on the back of your residencia card), and often your data of birth. Once verified you will get a three letter PIN code sent to your phone on the Cl@ve Pin app, enter that number in the box displayed online and you will be granted access to the required service or information you are trying to access.

Where can I use it?

You can use it on any public servicers site that display the below image on the screen, a button redirects you to the Cl@VE PIN authentication system:
Some services you can access with Cl@VE PIN

1) DGT: http://www.dgt.es/es
2) Tax Agency Electronic Office: https://www.agenciatributaria.gob.es
Quick, simple and easy.
Enjoy and be informed!