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In today's episode time on BBC1 at 14.45, time is of the essence for Miranda (Elen Rhys) and Max (Julian Looman), when they are called in to trace British bird watcher Tony Ball (Wayne Foskett), who has failed to return home after more than 48 hours. The urgency, as Ball’s wife Linda (Kacey Ainsworth) explains, is that Tony is diabetic and likely to have run out of insulin.

The task takes the detectives to the Paraiso Parque Natural, where they question head park keeper Eduardo Álvarez (Carles Francino), in front of a wary deputy Emilia Fernández (Alba Ribas). Miranda soon discovers that Fernández has a criminal record, but before she can investigate further the team are called back to Ball’s house where there has been a break in.

A key found at the burglary site leads them to Felipe Santos (Jose Luis Ferrer) whose car -
which almost ran the pair off the road earlier - contains a stray blue feather belonging to Beeeater, an exotic bird much sought-after by collectors.

With Tony likely to fall into a diabetic coma imminently, Miranda and Max have to connect
the dots at lightning speed if they are to have any chance of finding and saving him.