Huguet has been manufacturing hydraulic floor tiles and terrazzo since 1933 and their bespoke and standard pieces were highly popular with architects.

La historia de una pica’ tells the story of an old Mallorcan sink and shows the production processes involved in this traditional craft.

It’s been published on Huguet Mallorca’s social media networks and has already been viewed thousands of times.

Biel Huguet, who’s grandfather founded the factory, says this new production has many stories and that it’s important to preserve our heritage, because things that are done well last for centuries and some objects have a "soul".

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The combination of Miquel Àngel Raió’s filming and Miquel Serra’s music in ‘The story of a sink’ connects viewers with tradition and the history that precedes us in the Mediterranean.

Huguet is also committed to sustainability. In 2020 it neutralised carbon production in transport networks, is offsetting direct and indirect CO2 emissions generated by production in 2021 and raising environmental awareness by promoting the reuse and maintenance of cement pieces.

Huguet’s natural handmade products have a personality of their own and they age very well. The company has incorporated both technical and aesthetic improvements over the years and their pieces achieve the perfect balance of craftsmanship, sustainability and innovation.

The useful life of cement tiles and pieces has been, and will continue to be, centenary. Huguet are connoisseurs of the trade and they place special importance on the use and maintenance of products that will be inherited by future generations.