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Our Year 6 students are currently looking at ways in which we can make a difference to the environment starting with our school community.

Mallorca international School students

They are launching an initiative called ‘Nude Food’ which will encourage children and parents to have a ‘zero waste’ snack and lunch box.

Mallorca international School Year 6 students

Year 6 have been busy designing a logo for the initiative in their Art and Design lessons.

They are in the process of auditing all the waste that is produced at school in order to plan how they are going to improve this to reduce the school’s consumption.

Mallorca international School Nude food

The daily waste will be analysed and recommendations made.

As part of their English lessons the students have been writing powerful poetry and here is Jasmins:

The globe has existed for 4.5 billion years
Mankind? About 140,000 years
And before the earth, time, space and water did not exist
So there was no space, in space
Let me put that into motion,
If you squish the Earths existence into 24 hours,
That’s one full day that we have lived and breathed
On this masterpiece for…
Drumroll please…
Three seconds
Three seconds, and look what we’ve created:
We’ve put our species over trillions of others
Calling ourselves clever
But is man really so clever?

We look forward to watching the Nude Food initiative develop over the next few weeks.

Mallorca international School Nude food logo