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Last Friday, we in Mallorca International school, enjoyed a lovely day celebrating Sports Day.

We did Primary and Secondary Sports Day, we exercised not only our physical state but also our teamwork, our perseverance, our dedication and our determination.

On those days we all came together in these challenging times and simply enjoyed each other’s company through something we could all experience: sports.

Mallorca international School Year 10

Some of our Y10 students helped during Primary Sports Day, which we think was a great experience, and something we gained a lot on.

Helping our wonderful sports teacher, Mr. Seynaeve, organising and preparing both Sports Days was a huge accomplishment which we succeeded in. We saw our hard work reflected on the smiling faces and the cheers of excitement of students and teachers alike.

Mallorca international School Sports day

As a student, I think this was an amazing experience. Spending a couple hours cooperatively bettered our mentality and boosted our motivation through basic positiveness that radiated the whole time.

Sports Mallorca international School

Time flew by and by the end of the day we were relaxing and enjoying ourselves with fun activities that the teachers had prepared for us.

In a nutshell, this was a day of great harmony between students and teachers where we all connected really well.

Mallorca international School day of Sports

Hopefully, some of you after reading this will come and join us at Mallorca International School and enjoy it as much as we did.

To see the afterglow of happiness that such a day created gave us no greater satisfaction.