'La coronació', Miquel Bauzá Amengual. | R.D.

The winners of the 2021 Mountain Photography Awards have been unveiled at a special ceremony at La Misericòrdia in Palma.

159 entries were submitted from locations all over the world, including Mallorca, Huesca, Navarra, Catalonia, Germany, Argentina, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Slovenia, Ethiopia, France, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Nepal, New Zealand, Madeira, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru and Venezuela.

The Balearic Federation of Mountaineering & Climbing Award for best mountain photograph went to 'La Coronació' by Miquel Bauzá Amengual.

'Tunnel of Lava' by Antnio Merino Juncadella.

Antonio Merino Juncadella scooped the Federació Balear d’Espeleologia Award for best caving photograph with his stunning ‘Lava Tunnel’ shot.

Second prize for Presence in the Mountains went to ‘Racons de Mallorca 3’ by Óscar Falcó Martorell and second prize for Challenges in the Mountains went to ‘Camí al cim’ by Antoni Perelló Valls.

Special mention for Best Climbing Photography went to ‘Molta muntanya’ by Maria del Mar Margarit Bauzá.

The prize for Best Three-image Photographic Series: Sa Muntanya, went to ‘Sa Fosca’, ‘Entreforc’ and ‘Encletxa’ by Víctor de Felipe Manzano.

2021 Mountain Photography Award Ceremony at La Misericòrdia, Palma.

Culture, Heritage & Linguistic Policy Vice President, Bel Busquets presented the awards and Exhibition Curator and Coordinator, Tomeu Tomás, Insular Director of Culture, Maria Pastor, and Arxiu el So i la Imatge Director, Xisco Bonnín were also present.

Councillor Busquets said his department is committed to doing more in the future and thanked “everyone who makes it possible to fill the La Misericòrdia exhibition spaces with culture and landscapes.”

The competition judges have chosen 30 photographs from 21 locations for the Exhibition at La Misericòrdia in Palma, which is open until June 12.

2021 Mountain Photography Exhibition at La Misericòrdia, Palma.