The II edition of eMallorca Challenge will have a virtual fair and a forum on Sustainable Energy, Mobility & Tourism: two proposals that highlight the firm commitment of this event to the environment. | UH archives


The second edition of the eMallorca Challenge, a multidisciplinary project that aims to promote sustainable development and environmental protection, will take place on June 3, 4 and 5. It does so through an initiative that encompasses those Sectors that are most threatening to the planet and can most help to preserve it by taking action. Achieving a sustainable future is possible with the awareness and collaboration of each and every one of the actors in society. Betting on less polluting construction, sustainable tourism and clean energy from decarbonisation are all actions that help preserve the planet, but must be evaluated from a global perspective if we really want to preserve our ecosystem. This is the claim of eMallorca Challenge for our territory.

For this reason, in year two, new activities are being added to the challenge of sustainable mobility. On one hand, the eMallorca Challenge Forum will include a 2-day debate platform featuring national and international speakers. Another new initiative is the celebration of the Virtual Fair eMallorca Challenge, a whole showcase of companies and sustainable projects from different areas and Sectors, because taking care of the environment is everyone’s business.

The Forum on Sustainable Energy, Mobility & Tourism is an exchange platform, committed to sustainable development which intends to support the growth of renewable energies and promote decarbonisation to achieve comprehensive sustainability in all productive sectors in the Balearic Islands. Over two days, experts from various related areas will present their processes, projects and experiences and the Forum will take place on June 3 and 4 at the Ramis Factory in Inca.

The first session, ‘Sustainable Energy & Mobility’ will take place on Thursday, June 3 from 1600-19:00 and numerous professionals and experts in the field will give a good account of the current situation, the problems that must be faced and the guidelines that should be taken into account to give the environment a breather. The second session of the eMallorca Challenge Forum, ’Environment and Sustainable Tourism’ will be held in the morning of Friday, June 4 with input from environment and tourism professionals and experts from one of the Sectors that marks the evolution of a large part of the Balearic economy. A round table with various specialists will be held after the presentations on both days.

The Forum will be broadcast via streaming and those interested in following the sessions should register prior to the event.

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The International Tourism Fair, or Fitur, which will be held next week in Madrid, will host the presentation of the second edition of the eMallorca Challenge at national and international level.

On Wednesday May 20, this multidisciplinary project, which is committed to the environment will be exhibited at the Balearic tourist promotion stand and eMallorca Challenge will be included in the multiple proposals that Mallorca offers as a sustainable destination.

The vechicles will travel throught the most beautiful places of Mallorca

The sustainable mobility challenge will once again tour Mallorca with electric vehicles passing through some of the Island’s most beautiful places

The eMallorca Challenge mobility challenge is led by sustainable technologies. The main objective of this event is to give visibility to sustainable mobility through the most cutting-edge automotive technologies, answer consumer questions and learn first-hand about the development of the commitment to sustainability.

The II edition of eMallorca Challenge will once again present the different brands of vehicles, both hybrid and electric, currently available on the market, as well as the main novelties of the Sector.

As in the last edition, the sustainable and technological mobility challenge will take place over two days (June 3 and 4) during which a team test will be held, with participants travelling through the most beautiful places on the Island in different stages. Inca is once again the starting point for participants, who will also visit the Municipalities of Alcudia, Escorca and Marratxi.

The test will be divided into regularity and link sections and in addition to showing the efficiency of the vehicles, it will serve as a promotion for Mallorca. Another of the incentives of this challenge is that the cars will be driven by prominent personalities from Mallorca.