Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina Rodríguez in Mallorca. | Julián Aguirre


Portuguese footballer star, Cristiano Ronaldo is enjoying a few days holiday with his wife, Georgina Rodríguez, and their four children.

The family are staying at Castell de Manresa, which sprawls over 6,400-square-metres, has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, large lounges, impressive sea views and costs 12,000 euros per night.

Their entourage of escorts and caregivers travel via minivan, whereas the family have a luxurious blue Rolls Royce.

Ronaldo hasn’t gone unnoticed in Mallorca; a couple of Guardia Civil Officers offered to help if he needed anything and the guard at the Puerto Alcudia barrier, where the 6 million euro yacht is moored gives him a military salute every time he passes by.

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Everyone is delighted that Cristiano has chosen to spend the summer in northern Mallorca. But 6 children who were hoping for an autograph yesterday were disappointed when the footballer hid inside the yacht when he saw them and sent bodyguards to get their vehicles and park them by the walkway so the kids couldn't get close to him.

"We will try again tomorrow," the kids said as they set off on their bikes.

Cristiano and Georgina have spent a lot of time sailing with their children and friends in Mallorca and on Tuesday they went out on the water with sports journalist Edu Aguirre from the ‘El Chiringuito’ programme and his wife, the influencer Julia MM Salmeán.

Pregnancy rumours

Meanwhile, rumours are swirling that Georgina might be pregnant again after photos of her walking down the gangplank of the yacht appeared to show a little belly bump.