Mega yacht, 'Limitless' | Juan Poyatos


The mega yacht ‘Limitless’ has just arrived in Palma from the Caribbean after making a stop in Gibraltar.

She’s owned by Les Wexner, CEO of Brands Corp which owns Victoria's Secret and is Astilleros de Mallorca along with other large yachts, such as the ‘Infinity’.

The 96 metre long ‘Limitless’ has been sailing the ocean wave since 1997. She was built in Germany by Lurssen and designed by Jon Bannemberg and back then, her navy blue steel hull and white aluminium superstructure, stood out at Club de Mar.

Now she’s overshadowed the megayachts of the 21st century, but retains the elegance of a contemporary classic, which is something that some of the current, strange avant-garde projects lack.

‘Limitless’ has room for 12 guests and 20 crew, a cruising speed of 17 knots and can reach a maximum of 25.

Her interior was designed by François Catroux and Tim Heywood and has been kept secret.