Antoni Esteva and Jaume Danus recover this old finca in Arta. | TERESA AYUGA/ JEAN MARIE DEL MOR


A haven of peace. These are the words to describe Es Racó d’Artà, a transformational destination nestled in the mountains of Artà (Mallorca) that has become the dream come true for friends Jaume Danús and Antoni Esteva.

Eight years ago, and without really knowing what the future of the estate would hold, builder Jaume Danús and Antoni Esteva, of Esteva i Esteva Arquitectura, came by the property and immersed themselves in a project that has become their passion. What was almost a decade ago a large, totally abandoned 200-hectare 13th century estate is now a place to stop and connect with the elements.

To enter into the philosophy of this building it is necessary to leave one’s roles and conditions at the gate that gives access to the large estate. Once you cross the threshold, the grandeur of nature invites you to choose your own path and to discover your own essence. The retreat team (it is more than just a five-star hotel) goes with all those who wish to embark on this path and offers them the tools to achieve it. “Here we leave normality and return to nature,” says host Johanna Lundström.

Los mallorquines Jaume Danús y Antoni Esteva recuperan la gran finca Es Racó d¿Artà

This naturalness can also be found in all the rooms of the old farmhouse, which has been completely renovated, as well as in the new outbuildings and the 34 rooms. The pure, simple lines and minimalist character are the dominant role in all the spaces, which even extends to the way the team dresses, by Cortana’s designer. “The love we have for the land has led us to carry out sustainable work”, explains Antoni Esteva, while Jaume Danús explains that “the main materials used for the work have been earth, stone, cane, wood and a lot of lime”. In fact, in order to erect the new buildings, which have completely blended in with the surrounding nature, not a single tree was cut down on the estate.

The result is a space surrounded by mountains with all possible comforts and an infinity pool with views of Artà and Sant Salvador. To relax body and mind, various treatments are offered in the Sanum per Aquam and in the water area there is a specific pool for the exclusive Watsu and Wata treatments. Meditation and yoga also have their own special rooms.

But in addition to finding oneself and connecting, guests who choose this Mallorcan destination will find a wide range of palm heart workshops, given by a local specialist in llatra; organic gardening, gastronomy, beekeeping or mindfulness, among others. There are also walks through the vineyards, the organic vegetable garden and the planting of fruit trees. The aim of these initiatives is to “provide tools and guidelines for a more conscious way of life”, according to the concept director of Es Racó d’Artà, Felip Boyero.

Los mallorquines Jaume Danús y Antoni Esteva recuperan la gran finca Es Racó d¿Artà

Although both Danús and Esteva tell us that their dream is not yet finished (they say they are still dreaming), they assure us that this retreat is “like a son”. With this phrase, Jaume Danús sums up perfectly the concept of this destination, which he also considers “the jewel of the crown”. Antoni Esteva adds that Es Racó d’Artà has been created “out of respect and love for nature, which we have tried not to spoil”.