Many local companies from the Sa Dragonera area have donated prizes for the raffle | David Vives

The island of Sa Dragonera, with its’ fascinating history, is home to beautiful landscapes and intricate ecosystems on land and under the sea surface. As part of Save The Med’s project “Discover Your Marine Protected Area Sa Dragonera”, which is made possible thanks to the support of Marilles Foundation, we invite citizens and visitors to explore and help protect this magnificent area together with us through fun, educational outdoor activities, guided tours, company initiatives and citizen science projects for all age groups!

One such event, among many others, is happening this weekend, the 21st of August. The event, organised in collaboration with Observadores del Mar and the Sa Dragonera Natural Park Administration (Consell de Mallorca), includes a visit to the island of Dragonera where participants learn about the area and participate in a citizen science workshop and snorkel activity during which their aim is to obtain underwater photos of marine life.

Discover Your Marine Protected Area Sa Dragonera

The excursion begins with an introduction to the Natural Park of Sa Dragonera by the park director, followed by a presentation of the Sa Dragonera Marine Protected Area by Save The Med. A representative from the citizen science platform Observadores del Mar introduces the participants to marine species of interest to scientists.

These include certain fish species, jellyfish and invasive types of algae but also of marine litter, and are the main targets of the snorkel and photography activity. Participants also learn how to upload their citizen science data to Observadores del Mar’s online platform found at

The submitted data is extremely valuable as it enables scientists to obtain many more observations than they could have made themselves due to being too few and having limited resources.

Learn more by exploring the new website !

A more robust research data base in turn provides better opportunities to learn and understand marine ecosystems and the threats they are facing, and ultimately to develop management measures to help protect individual species as well as whole habitats. In conclusion: A truly fun way to spend time with loved ones and/or meet new people while contributing to marine regeneration at the same time!

While this event got fully booked way too fast, more similar events are on the horizon, and the audiovisual contest MARE is still open to participation until September 15th! Learn more about MARE below and stay tuned for more activities by visiting the new website and following @xarxadragonerablava on Instagram!

Participate in MARE by submitting your photos of Sa Dragonera and win awesome prizes!
For the second consecutive year the Audiovisual Contest MARE ( offers a space to share your vision and messages through photographs both in and out of the water! This year, through the Xarxa Dragonera Blava, we are working together to impulse participation with photographs highlighting the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Sa Dragonera!

Participate in MARE by submitting your photos of Sa Dragonera and win awesome prizes!

There are 4 participation profiles; CHILDREN, YOUTH, AMATEUR AND EXPERTS, and 5 categories to present the photographs;

F 1. MARE Animalia
F 2. MARE Plantae
F 3. MARE Magna
F 4. MARE Nostrum
F 5. MARE Complaint

If you participate in MARE with a photograph of the Sa Dragonera MPA, make sure to add the tags #AMP #SaDragonera so that you, in addition to having the possibility of winning amazing prizes from MARE, also automatically participate in a raffle organised by Xarxa Dragonera Blava.

Many local companies from the Sa Dragonera area have donated prizes for the raffle, which will be drawn at the end of September, so there is a prize for everyone! Get your camera ready, have fun out there and remember to submit your best photographs to MARE before September 15! All information can be found on

Learn more by exploring the new website !
To learn more about the protected areas of Sa Dragonera visit the new website, powered by Save The Med and Marilles Foundation. Alongside information about the protected zones and their regulations, you will find interesting resources about local biodiversity, activities through which you can explore the area, and community initiatives which you can join in order to help protect it!