Laia Fernández-Pacheco, Ana María García, Lucía Díaz & Francisca Vives. | P. Pellicer

Three young artists; Laia Fernández-Pacheco, Ana María García and Lucía Díaz have transformed the blinds of Eléctrica Ramblas into works of art.

Gramaphone image for Eléctrica Ramblas.

It all started when Lucía, who's studying Audiovisual Communication in Castellón drew a gramophone with her grandfather dancing. When her great aunt, Francisca Vives saw the drawing she said she would love to use the image for her business, Eléctrica Ramblas, which has been operating for nearly 75 years.

Lucía loved the idea and roped in two former high school classmates to help her; Ana María García who’s studying Fine Arts in Madrid and Laia Fernández-Pacheco, who’s studying Fine Arts in Valencia.

Eléctrica Ramblas image.

Their task was to transfer Lucía's drawing onto one blind and paint six others just a few metres from Via Alemanya.

An Eléctrica Ramblas employee cleaned the metal blinds and gave them a coat of primer so that the paint would hold when the artists started working.

“From the first moment we knew that we wanted to help small businesses. There are some drawings that refer to the store but we wanted to capture traditional aspects of Mallorca and there is also one with my great-grandfather,” explains Lucía.


The artists had to ask Palma City Council for permission to paint the blinds because the premises are in the Old Town district of the city.

The permit was very useful just in case someone complained,” admitted Lucía and Ana María.

Lucia with the image of her great grandfather.

They started painting in mid-July and some days they worked from 0900 until 2200, but on other days they were only able to work for a few hours because they had to wait for the paint to dry.

"I don't just like it, I love it and I get so excited when I see it,” Francisca Vives said of the work done by her great niece and the other two artists.

There’s a QR code on one of the blinds so that people can contact the artists if they want to commission some artwork.