Leonardo DiCaprio. archive photo. | EFE

The Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio is renowned for his commitment to social and environmental issues, so it’s hardly surprising that he’s been spreading the word about the economic benefits of respecting nature and the sea in Mallorca.

A few days ago the Guardian newspaper published a report, which states that the return on investment in marine protected areas of Mallorca was ten times the original amount, directly benefitting the Tourism and Fishing Sectors.

"Since the area was established in 2007 at the request of the Cala Rajada Fishermen’s Association, fishing has improved and facilitated regulation of leisure activities has slowed coastal erosion and improved water quality and biodiversity,” according to Marilles Director, Aniol Esteban, who focuses on the social and economic benefits of protecting the sea.

Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to Mallorca and chose to spend a few days holiday on the island again this year, which might be why he’s promoting the report on social media websites.