Imma Prieto, Mateo Feijóo, Elena del Rivero & Josep Mallol Vicens with one of the installations at Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum, Palma. | Pere Bota


Twenty years after the 9/11 terror attack destroyed the Twin Towers in New York killing thousands of people, Es Baluard Museum of Contemporary Art is honouring the victims with an exhibition by Elena del Rivero called ‘L'Arxiu de la Pols’ or ‘The Archive of Dust’ which deals with loss, the collective memory and pain.

Elena del Rivero has lived in New York since 1991 and her studio was destroyed during the attack on September 11, 2001.

‘L’Arxiu de la Pols’ showcases Elena's work from that moment on and includes bits of paper found on the floor, pieces of paintings salvaged from the remnants of her building and 9 letters written during sleepless nights when she was displaced.

Creating this work has been very complicated because it is a project that deals with life,” she admits.

Mateo Feijóo is the Art Director of the Exhibition.

”I come from the world of dance, where movement is used to organise the body in a space and a time," he says.

This time, he wanted to play with the architecture of the venue, to increase the feeling of tension.

“'L’Arxiu de la Pols’ is an intimate work that dives into the remnants of history," says Feijóo.

"The importance of the work lies in the connection that is established between the concrete fact of 9/11, and the relationship that unites past, present and future,” adds Imma Prieto.

The aim of the project is to construct a collective view of the moment that changed the world.

The ‘L'Arxiu de la Pols’ exhibition opens on Saturday, September 11 at 1900 and runs until January 30, 2022.