Medieval market in Palma. | Ultima Hora


A Medieval market is being held on the Passeig Sagrera in Palma this week.

More than 40 wooden stalls will be open from Wednesday until Sunday from 10:30-22:00 and the artisans will be dressed in period clothing.

“The market will take people back to medieval times,” says Daniel Curcio, Administrator and Organiser of Mime Mercats. “Apart from the one for Balearic Day, there’s no other market like this, it’s something different and we are very excited. We haven't done anything since 2019, so this is a great step towards normality, but because of the Covid restrictions we had to draw up a waiting list and almost 20 stallholders lost out.”


There’s plenty of products to choose from, including glass, leather, fur, wood, metal crafts, silver and nickel jewellery, paintings, embroidery, cosmetics and toys.

There will also be a gastronomy area selling a variety of produce, including spices, fried and roasted potatoes, pizzas or a grocery store.

On Saturday, September 18, from 17:00-18:30 there will be a show by Milites Majoricarum.

“The idea is to animate the market and show the costumes of 13th Century knights,” explains Bernat Carrot. “We will be dressed in metallic chain mail, helmets and carry shields and swords and our arrival will be accompanied by a drum so people will definitely hear us coming.”