Silvina Moschini. | Julián Aguirre


Face to face workshops begin again today at the Artisan School, where artists will be sharing their skills, knowledge and techniques in wild basketry, virgin sheep wool from Mallorca, tapestry, wood and iron as well as design and drawing.

Araceli Iranzo & Antonella Farris.

Araceli Iranzo from Antic Mallorca makes contemporary palm heart bags from the purest traditional style of ses madones de sa llata, which was promoted by the Artesan School in 2018 to preserve the traditional method.

"This school is a tribute to the six madonnas de sa llata and a way to pass on their wisdom to the new generations,” says Araceli. “Everything experienced in the tin school in the last three years was so positive, for teachers, students, design, creativity and craftsmanship and we want to extend that to other craft disciplines, which is why we have set up the Artisan School.”

Four workshops will be held in October in an old traditional Mallorcan house, which has been remodelled by the Sa Llavor Foundation in Binissalem and converted into a centre for holistic education and culture.

The classes will run from 10:00-14:00 on Saturdays and Antic Mallorca Artisans, Antonella Farris and Cèlia Prats will be on hand to help students create and develop their own unique pieces.

The tapestry workshop is led by Silvina Moschini, who encourages students to express their artistic nature on a tapestry.

“We use plastic, natural fibres, wool, wire and leaves,” says Silvina, who works with different looms and tapestries to create stunning pieces.

Eugenia Marcote.

Eugenia Marcote teaches the sheep wool from Mallorca process. Val Castellet has been working in textile arts and printing for 30 years and is also passionate about botany and ecology. He teaches students how to collect plants and recognise trees and make basketry pieces from fibre, thread and rope in an artisanal way.

Alejandro Dumon.

Alejandro Dumon is a designer, artist and metal craftsman and co-Founder of the 2Monos studios who’s in charge of the iron workshop.

“It is an introduction to metal, to get to know iron and bring together the most artisanal techniques. The students sketch an object and we apply our techniques to make it,” he explains.

Gemma Salvador and Eugenia Marcote from Llanatura, process Mallorcan sheep wool in an artisanal way to develop innovative projects and services.

"It's all about learning and not losing the importance of working with your hands and the students will take home soap, a piece of felt and a skein of wool,” says Gemma.

Evangelina Ducon & Lucio Peralta.

Evangelina Ducon and Lucio Peralta are carpenters who aim to follow in the footsteps of Italian furniture designer, Enzo Mari at their Ducoin Studio.