Juana María Romero. | Julián Aguirre


Juana María Romero started working in the family’s hardware shop when she was 12 and stayed until she began studying fashion design at the age of 30.

“I got married and had two children and I decided to study something I was really passionate about and my husband always supported me,” she says. “I was the grandmother of the class and some the teachers were younger than me.”

Bride wearing a headdress by Juana María Romero.

Juana Maria’s wedding headdresses, hats and accessories are highly popular in Mallorca and on the mainland and she also has many customers overseas.

“When I was studying I realised that I was passionate about hats because they can really make a difference to what people wear, whether they are brides, bridesmaids or guests at a wedding or celebration.

Juana Maria created a small workshop in her house so that she could carry on working while she took care of her children and in no time at all clients were knocking at her door.

“In the beginning I launched a website with just 5 products and now I have around 70,” she says.

In recent years, headbands, crowns, headdresses and hats have become more popular on the mainland and in Mallorca,” adds Juana María, who sews each and every piece by hand.

“I stay in very close contact with each client and between the two of us we decide which headdress or crown best suits their dress and style,” she explains.

Juana María Romero in her workshop.

Flowers & Gemstones

Juana Maria also trained in costume jewellery and she works with a number of materials, including natural fibres, polished Spanish brass, feathers, porcelain, dried flowers, precious stones and glass.

“The boho style, with headbands and flower headdresses is most in demand, especially for celebrations on farms or on the beach and some brides even ask me to make the bouquet, buttonholes and ring holder to match the headdress,” says Juana Maria.

Her headdresses have become famous all over the world and she has customers in Italy, England, Germany and a Mexican bride once came to Spain to have a headdress made by Juana Maria.

Juana María Romero with her headdresses & hats.

With orders stacking up way in advance, she has been kept very busy, even during the Covid lockdown. Now Juana Maria is going back to her roots and has started working on an exclusive bridal wear collection.

“Returning to fashion design is something that makes me very excited,” she admits.

Her headdresses and hats are also very popular with horse racing fans and every year a number of customers order them to wear at Royal Ascot.